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Sunday, May 31, 2020 Gritty Walmart

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I don't want to get BER. Blossom end rot. I hope I've done things correctly! Jobes has been a good fertilizer (it's bone meal feather meal, and ?) and the K special fertilizer didn't induce any BER in my tomatoes last year. So I feel like I can trust that one. I could probably trust the miracle grow tomato food, it's only 1.5 % ammonium... I probably won't use it unless the the plant health seems off or a deficiency appears.

I'm certainly not going to use the regular miracle grow or the bloom booster. Fine for foliage and flowers... but I don't think they are ratioed right for getting maximum fruit weight and unless your water has a lot of calcium... the ammonium in these.... I think could throw-down the calcium levels too far...

Send me some good luck mater heads.

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