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Saturday, April 18, 2020 TheOnlyKoreaGPgrower Rheinland-Pfalz, DE

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Writing this 8 May but wanted to outline the plan. I'm in a rental property in Germany so I don't want to dig up the whole yard for growing. So the plan is to use a 4ft by 7ft area for the mound and main vine and then let the plant invade the yard to the north and east. Expectations (with proper luck and care) are that the plant will take up half the yard. I will attempt to dig an 8" or so hole at every leaf node to bury the vine to get some additional roots going. Not sure how well ill be able to keep up with the grass over growing the area or how well ill be able to bury every leaf node for roots, but I'll concentrate on the main vine and hope for the best.

Previous years growing were twice in Colorado and once in Korea. My first time in Colorado I was 17 years old and first realized I was attracted to the science and excitement of growing giant plants. That year, I got some run of the mill Big Max seeds from Walmart and some giant sunflower seeds also from Walmart, I believe. Despite numerous hailstorms I i was able to produce a 50lb or so pumpkin at 7500ft elevation.
I tried again a couple years later but the plant couldn't handle the stress of being left to its own accord during the days I was at college.
Flash forward 5 or so years and I tried again in Korea at a community plot with a 1200lb genetic seed (don't remember exactly, but it was more legitimate than Walmart as i remember buying it from a reputable source). I put a lot of work into the patch that year but didn't have all of the items I really needed to go full force. Despite that, I had a very healthy plant into late July with a pumpkin set successfully. It was growing rapidly and was probably around 70lbs when sometime in August the famous Asian Changma deluge caused it to grow too rapidly and split on the bottom. Trying to prevent bottom rot i purchased sand to put underneath before it got too heavy when I noticed it had already split and started rotting. Bummer! I'm sure it would have ended up being several hundred pounds otherwise.

Now this year, I've purchased several seeds. The 1515 Asam (German grower) has likely the best genetics and is my backup based on the growth of my primary which is a 1160 Langheim that has been super aggressive. The Langheim was started 14 April and the Asam started 23 April. Additional backup is a 1552 Globe and 2 more 1160 Langheims that were much slower out the gate.

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