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Wednesday, April 01, 2020 Gritty Walmart

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I looked at the nutrient profile of the processed cow manure product and I see it is high in ammonia and surprisingly low in potassium. This explains some of what I am seeing. Then I discovered that miracle grow tomato food has the least amount of ammonium of that product line and next I discovered it is... tomato colored. How silly. Nevertheless, it may be my new favorite fertilizer. I will not be adding excessive fertilizer once the tomatoes are set. I believe in the lean diet approach I will probably go very lean on magnesium once the tomatoes are set because it could hasten ripening and is not necessary to size in my experience and might conflict with potassium. My belief is that potassium and calcium are certainly important but I am unsure of what else also might be important. The mobile nutrients are probably less critical. Lastly I wonder if the tea idea could be beneficial in terms of reducing ammonia levels. And hence blossom end rot because ammonium competes with calcium. Basically I may try tea prior to blossom set and perhaps nothing but a maximum level of calcium and potassium after the fruit is set.

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