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Tuesday, January 28, 2020 Porkchop(team sLamMer) Central NY

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Now....with that being said.... Itís a new year...and Iím about turning over a new leaf...letting by-gones be by-gones ...let it RoLL off like water on a ducks back...not even gonna get mad this season...but I would be remiss if I didnít mention some of the disparaging remarks made over the past few years regarding the gPC on public message boards and what the gpc ďdoesnít doĒ or ďdoesnít careĒ about..Iím here to tell you itís fake news....these people care very deeply. Soo...like I said...Iím not getting mad this year...Iím not saying I wonít respond to your post, or ignore you for that matter, like I said Iím not even gonna get mad..itís rubbish...but Iíll tell ya what will happen... Ya see, me and saydee here are gonna pay you a visit some afternoon that you are working in yer garden...and Iím gonna tell her to grab ahold of your pant leg and start tugging....(donít worry...sheís very gentle)...and again, Iím not mad...this will be fun..for her too...Well, sheís gonna keep tuggin, and um, you donít know the word for ďlet goĒ...(hint- itís not ďlet goĒ) so eventually yer gonna get tired..lol..thatís when youíll prolly have to plop down on yer keister to take a little break....trust me she wonít stop....and uhhh...Thatís when Iím gonna grab ahold of yer other pant leg , see....and Iím gonna start tugging in the opposite direction...and again, I wonít be mad...prolly be laughing...saydee yanking one way...me pulling in the opposite way?...funny stuff....but it wonít be me or saydee youíll have to worry about in your compromising situation...itís actually lambchop...

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