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Monday, July 29, 2019 Penryngarden Penryn CA

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Holly -Fanning the stem, looks like I have a brown area I did not notice yesterday . What did I do for my pumpkins this week : Each got 1/8 tsp /per 2 gallons of a drench of RAW Product 0 0 50 , Sprayed Neem Oil this week on leaves, and also gave all 3 pumpkins a Compost Tea Drench. Each day I give them each 4 hours of a portable fan time ... I have 3 pumpkins and one always gets my leftover time because I am taking care of the other 2 pumpkin. I use #3 pumpkin to do all my rookie mistakes and test out the spray products first so I don't ruin the other 2 pumpkins. This week surprisingly #3 is catching up to the other 2 OTT #'s wise . I cracked the main stem early in the season on #3 just close to the newly pollinated pumpkin and since then just figured it would not recover...

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