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Wednesday, June 26, 2019 Matt D. Connecticut

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Mill Fabric x2 then Plywood then Mill Fabric then Pumpkin

Well under the pumpkin in direct contact with the ground are two layers of mil fabric. The reason for the double layer is to create a surface that can easily move in the future if the pumpkin needs to be repositioned.

Then there is a piece of thick plywood with dimensions of 4ft. x 5ft. that has been painted white to reduce the amount of water it can absorb and to help create a smooth surface. There is a slot cut in a corner, which is where a strap will be placed to pull the pumpkin if needed later in the season. The rectangular piece of plywood is place with the corner under the stem to allow for the maximum width to be in the mid section of the pumpkin. (I got this tip from Joe Jutras.)

On top of the plywood another layer of mil fabric is placed and this is what the pumpkin actually sits on and this is what I am lifting up in the image. This mil fabric is about a 5ft x 5ft square, so this is why the plywood is smaller than the mil fabric.

Then there is a thin layer of sand that the pumpkin sits on. All of this is to minimize the contact chances the pumpkin has with the soil and to create a situation that will make moving the pumpkin to maintain near ideal stem to vine position as easy as possible.

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