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Sunday, July 07, 2019 Hayden R Western Massachusetts

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So now that I am seeing some people talk about clonex, I'd like to come forward and say that I have been using it since the start of the season, above and below every node. Was afraid to say anything as I thought people would laugh at the unconventional-mess of using clonex gel...

Anyway here is what I have noticed: I think auxin levels in the clonex initially slow the plant down and thicken up the vines, leaves and roots... this process of thickening up/ slow growth went on for about 2-3 weeks. Soon after this, I began noticing the most insane tap rooting. Some nodes had what seemed like 50 tap roots shooting out. It was crazy. Then, I noticed that this plant was creating scar tissue unlike anything I had seen in the past. Every split on vine fully healed and scarred over, rather than being an open wound.

1911 plant also used to burn with every sunny day and I am noticing an incredible amount of burn resistance now. Clonex takes a while to be appreciated I'd say, but so far it's 100% worth every drop. Hopefully this helps someone out.

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