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Friday, May 17, 2019 Mehdi France

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So, I will start this 2019 diary with the 2018 8.07 Story. I have received a huge amount of emails asking millions questions about genetics, growing technics etc...

The story starts back in 2016 when we finally decided to grow professionaly tomatoes. For years, friends keep telling us ours giants tomatoes were very tasty and really unique. We are growing 100% organically in the same patches since 2008, adding tonnes of different composts and plenty of naturals stuff like blood meal, seaweed meal, chabasite, lombricompost, corne, basalt and several guanos ( bird, bat etc...)
In 2005, one particular plant produced some delicious fruits with nice shape, that was the 5.05 Fulk.

In 2016, we planted 636 différents giants tomatoes. ( check my 2016 diary to see the whole list, we included the very last 5.05 Fulk seeds we'd got)

We started to select the very best tomatoes by the shape, the taste and the health of the plant. Between all these plants, 2 were very differents : 5.51 MegaMarv and 5.05 Fulk.
Both plants were absolutely Huge ! Very thick mainvine, giant leaves, very nice shape and an unique taste. We liked a lot the shape and the taste of the tomatoes grown by the 5.05 while we were amazed but the vigor, the production and the taste of the 5.51. We decided to cross (well protected as pumpkin flower to keep the bees away) them together to get the best of each : 5.51 MegaMarv X 5.05 Fulk. Target was to obtain a rounder shape than the 5.51 fruit ( they are slighty flat), a good production, a fabulous taste and a strong plant.
We saved the fruit and get the seeds , that tomato weighed 3.52lb.
Here a photo of the 5.05 Fulk plant in 2015.
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