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Sunday, April 14, 2019 big moon Bethlehem CT

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I plowed up a different spot in a new location. The last spot I tilled up came back with a 4.7! I decided not to mess with that spot. (at least not with pumpkins) In my new patch I took a soil test, it came back at 5.7. .... much better....(pH is measure exponentially sort of like the richter scale. So each decimal it goes up is significant.)
I added some hydrated lime, for a quick pH boost. Magnesium is always high around here. Which is weird because the only lime you can find is dolomitic. Calcitic is what we need for the type of soil in this area. It is fascinating to me to see how different the soil types are around the country. In the midwest, and parts of New York and Canada your new soil contains much higher natural calcium levels. We have to work, work, work to get it up. Gypsum becomes a necessity too. It would be impossible to get enough calcium with lime alone. Our pH would get crazy high.

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