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Friday, March 15, 2019 The Pumpkinguru Cornelius, Oregon

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This project was one of those I have been dreading since we moved in. Pruning the large multi-variety Apple tree. It was a battle royale with cheese (for those Pulp Fiction fans). There was blood, four-letter words strung together in not so meaningful combinations, and many small branches slapping me in the face, but in the end, I came out alive and victorious. I'll attach an article on how to prune fruit trees, although I disagree with a few of the principles it talks about. I prefer my fruit trees to only bear fruit where I can reach it on foot or a small ladder in sort of a Single-Tier-Omnidirectional-Brett-Modified-Espalier look. Yes that is a scientific term. Now its time to cut up the piles of branches, keep some nice ones for crafts, and enjoy some roasted weiners and marshmellows as we burn the leftovers in the fire pit. S'mores anyone??? The Before Pic...

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