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Wednesday, March 06, 2019 The Pumpkinguru Cornelius, Oregon

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One of the questions I received yesterday was.. do I use manure. Well you might say...very much so. In fact, one year for Christmas, all I had on my wish list was manure, so what did everyone get me... let's just say I all I got was a bunch of crap for Christmas, but I was happy as could be. My poop of choice is horse manure. Yes it has a lot of weed seeds, and a lower nutrient content than others, but I love the way that over the course of time, it turns your soil into a soft spongy love factory for roots and the good little guys that call your ground home. On a 30 x 40 foot site, I will not hesitate to put on 15 to 20 cubic yards of horse manure per year in the fall/winter. Keep in mind that this is for Giant pumpkins, so it may be a bit much for those normal vegetables. There are many other benefits for the soil that come from using manure, but that can get rather wordy. I have included a pic of the poop piles in the patch

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