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Saturday, March 23, 2019 jimp Allentown, PA

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Got myself El-Cheapo 7x7x15’ Greenhouse (Best Choice Products $114) – and set it up as a test site next to my patch. Plan to move it there after rototilling. It was an excruciating experience to erect – total 4-5 hours over a few days to get it right. My wife and I have decades of putting together toys and IKEA stuff – but never like this. The envelope doesn’t fit. Designers probably had the cover cut spects right, but the sewers defeated all their good effort. No instructions, just a stick sketch with numbered pipes. If anybody tries this, it is imperative to position the verticals INSIDE the base layout, or there is no hope of getting the envelope to fit. If do it otherwise, takes forever to take it apart and redo it. Also the corners from outside in are: base pipe, flat end of angle piece, inside pipe. Even with this, had to disconnect the front base pipes and lash into an overlap position to get the zippers all the way down (was 4” spread). Throw away the stakes they gave you and buy 2’ stakes and hammer in securely, zip tied to base pipes and corner extensions, otherwise bye-bye greenhouse with the first wind. However, it IS breeze proof. Zip tie entire cover all the way around the base. The product review that says some guy put it up by himself in an hour must’ve been a company plant. After all that – it’s wonderful.

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