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Monday, November 05, 2018 RyanH Eganville, Ontario

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I've always been interested in genetics and how some growers are very good at creating very strong seeds consistently. I was more than a little surprised to see my 1803 Hoelke at #10 of the Best Seeds list in the St. Croix newsletter last month. It really caught me off-guard to be so high on the list. This is the first time that I had some really good growers grow my seed. I consider that the greatest compliment. I couldn't believe when I saw a legend like Leonardo Urena grow his 1885 from my seed this year. No idea where he got the seed, but boy I was surprised to see that it made the cut in his southern patch. It's pretty cool to see the names roll in at weigh-off time of some of the top Canadian growers and now also some top American growers.

Genetics is a fun thing for any grower to try and figure out especially if the chance of a world record is out of reach. Creating a good quality seed is a pretty cool feeling at least. Thankfully we have the Pumpkinfanatic website to track everything.

I'd like to learn more about the genetics side of fruit breeding. When you look at the top growers and how they so often create great crosses that pan out, I think that's a true signal to the research that they put in this time of year in the off season. Steve Geddes is always a guy I've admired and is under rated in my opinion, of seed selection. Well maybe not under rated anymore ha. He always puts together good breeding seeds. When I heard of his NA record this year, I laughed to myself and said I bet he used an unknown seed. Sure enough, he takes the 1911 Urena and makes it a household name.

Seed studying is a good way to make the winter pass.

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