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Tuesday, June 05, 2018 Doug14 Minnesota(dw447@fastmail.fm)

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I'm down to two giant pumpkin plants now. About 10 days ago we got high winds one evening, and it blew the greenhouse off of the 1317 Clementz plant. It cracked the stem of the plant about halfway through, perendicular to the direction of the mainvine(against the grain so to speak). Maybe I could have braced it, and it would have healed over, but the leaves of the plant were drooping quite a bit, so I decided to pull the plant. So the 1109 Borgers is now the other competition plant(insead of backup), along with the 1912 Carter. The 1317 was the plant I was most keen on growing. Oh well........ 1109 X 1912 could be a nice big/orange cross. The 1109 is selfed 4 generations(? not sure); and the 1912 is selfed once. Crossing the two might result in some hybid vigor possibly. Hopefully I can grow a bigger pumpkin on the 1109 than Mr. Borgers does this year. I'll be watching his diary closely:-)

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