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Saturday, April 28, 2018 mellowpumpkin(Josiah Brandt) Rudolph

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My spring soil test for those curious, I'll be adding a touch of copper, a touch of manganese & magnesium, and leaf compost, I'd like to get OM up between 7-10 and the micronutrients I'm adding are such small amounts (onces over 5000 sq feet) I'll add them to a 50 pound bag of play sand before spreading, this will give a more even coverage.

In 2015 my potassium was 425 ph was 6.9 OM was 6%
In 2017 potassium was 398 ph was 6.8 OM was 7.7%
Boron was low both those two year being between .5-1.5 so that's been corrected.
It's hard to find a base to compare too when taking soil test, I've always looked at my tests from past years, in the future if we want to get bigger fruit we'll have to work together and get all soil tests from fruit grown over 2000 plus pounds and put together a guide to follow for are soil/test.

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