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Sunday, March 11, 2018 RyanH Eganville, Ontario

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I planned on growing my own this year. There's a couple seeds that I've never given a fair shake. The first one is my 1572 Hoelke that was grown from my 1463 which has done well with %heavy and great colour in the past. A small percentage of 1463's have this blotched pattern that I think looks great. This was the nicest pumpkin I've ever grown and with that sunburst pattern as a bonus. This one split split underneath in late August at Day 60. Weighed with a crane scale at 14% heavy and 1572 pounds with lots of time to grow. I placed all small fruit that year on small pieces of 2x4's in order to get the vine higher up to help as it grew taller. Well, I left the pieces of 2x4 under fruit too long and the weight caused an indentation underneath. Long story short, they all split that year underneath and all had huge concave bottoms from the boards. Brutal lesson learned.

I crossed it with Scott Steil's 1873 which is 2009 x 2328 Meier. On paper it looked great. The 2328 did go on to produce the 2096 Meier which in turn produced some nice heavy fruit. I really liked the shape and colour of Scott's 1873 which had the smooth skin of the 1725 Harp from the 2009 side with a shot of colour.

I'll be interested to see what I get from this one. Hoping for large, heavy and orange. Every time I look at the 1572 I just feel I have to try it. Love that colour.

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