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Tuesday, November 28, 2017 SEAMSFASTER American Fork, Utah

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Picture here is of the second largest tomato harvested in 2017:

RW Cephei (3.376 Thurber 2017)

It was looking like it could go just over 4 lbs., but for some reason ended up with quite hollow seed locules, as did many of my large tomatoes this year. I don't know what causes that? It didn't seem to be a varietal trait, as at least 15 giant varieties exhibited this phenomenon.

Winter Giant Tomato Contest

Wow, the weeks have flown by, pedal-to-the-metal fashion. I counted backwards from the first day of Spring and realized that I've probably run out of time to get a ripe tomato starting from seed this late. Nevertheless, maybe I can get an impressive green one by then.

So last night, I planted 2 seeds each of three promising varieties:

RW Cephei (3.376 Thurber 2017)
Domingo (3.420 Thurber 2017)
Big Zac (4.670 Thurber 2017)

I've started them in 3-1/2" pots, 2 seeds per pot. Finding a place to grow them when it comes time for bigger pots will be a real challenge, as I'm currently living in an area that's only 90 square feet, which holds my 40+ boxes of seeds, my office and business supplies, and my bedroom. But I'll make a go of it - got a metal halide light ready to hang, somewhere!

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