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Sunday, September 10, 2017 Declan Western Australia

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So continuing from the last post I have calculated that my drippers emit 1.185 litres per hour. As my drip tape has emitters spaced every 20 centimeters apart (lengthways) and I have two lines of drip tape per metre (widthways) this means that I have a 10 emitters per square metre. Thus my output is 10 x 1.185 which is 11.85 litres per hour per square metre. As 1 litre per square metre is equal to 1mm my irrigation system is thus 11.85 mm per hour. So in order to apply 10 mm of irrigation i have to run the irrigation system for (10/11.85) x 60 = 50 minutes. The other consideration is that my sand doesn't hold moisture very well so I split the application into five applications of 10 minutes each. Smaller applications help to keep the water in the top foot of soil where it is readily available to the plant. And from my past experience with pumpkins last year it works very well and results in a dense mat of roots in the top foot of soil.
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