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Tuesday, February 14, 2017 Dutch Brad Netherlands

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This winter I got rid of one of my allotments, so 1500 sq.ft. less. Besides edibles and ornamentals I still hope to grow quite a few competition and exhibition classes.

1x Squash - 967 A. Horde 15* (1024 Daho* x 1036 Würsching*)
5x Field pumpkin - 117 Horde, 133 Wursten, 109 MacKenzie and/or 2 from GVGO seed package 2017
2x Long gourd - 137 Eaton, 122.88 Eaton
1x Watermelon - 220 Bartoli or 161.5 Crews
6x Tomato - 5.50 Johnston/Butler, 4.62 Lyons, 5.20 Lyons, 3.40 Wild, 4.72 Butler, 4.30 Timm and/or whatever I can find in the GVGO seed package

4x Cucumber - Thomas and Wursten
4x Corn - Jalapeno
2x Onion - Glazebrook
6x Beet - Wursten
4x Runner bean - Wursten
15-20x Sunflower head - Fifolt

Trying out some new and old products this year. No electricity where I grow so bought a petroleum heater for early in the season. Also have molasses, Lithovit, humic acid, seaweed extract, sea algae extract, lava gravel, bentonite, borium, manganese sulphate, TNC Bactorr, TNC mycorrhiza, chicken manure pellets, nettle tea and insecticide against lice. I always use milk against mildew. Got some 200-300 litre barrels to mix everything and a motor water pump which I can use for misting and irrigation (two 15 foot deep irrigation pipes in the ground for water).

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