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Thursday, September 08, 2011 Dandytown Nottingham, UK

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Some of my squash curing in the greenhouse. I would have left them on the plant longer but a few vines were coming down quite quickly with powdery mildew and I wanted the plants of the plot to limit spread to my 1366Paton.
Curing (clockwise from top left to right) are: Spaghetti squash (x6), Hooligan (x12), uchiki kuri (x1), Tuffy sweet (x5), Thelma sanders (x4), Spaghetti squash again (x2) and Bon Bon (x4).
I have already given away 3 or 4 spaghetti squash and a couple of hooligans so all in all not a bad harvest considering the weather.
Still on the vines are delicata (x2), butternut (x1) and Tuffy Sweet (x2) and another Thelma sanders is at home.

Lunga Pienna di Napoli failed to pollinate so none of them to taste. I did pick a Tromba di albenga which really did look like a snake. It is bright green,about 1m long and is being cooked tonight!

Once they have matured I'll taste and decide what to grow again next year. This year I did try to grow some gem squash (Rolet) and Loofah but both failed to germinate so I will definately try next year. Plan to add Black Futsu to my list but space is limited due to growing two AG's next year.
On reading other diaries, and reading of others problems, cracks and splits I think 2 AG's is a must. Considering I only had one this year I am happy to have a pumpkin still. I am getting a little greedy and wonderig if 3 AG's would be possible but that would involve some carefull planning so that I can fit some potatoes and cauliflowers in for home. We'll see.

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