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Saturday, April 23, 2011 JCAB Santa Fe,New Mexico

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The giant pumpkins and greenie squash and are all up and looking GOOOD! I planted the seeds on April 7. The first one up was the greenie on April 12, then the pumpkins were up by April 14. The cotyledon leaves (very first leaves to appear or baby leaves) are huge and the first true leaves are out and the second ones are barely out. My goal is to have the pumpkin and greenie in the ground by May 1.
The giant marrows and giant pear gourd are barely up. The giant tomatoes have been transplanted into 2 1/4 inch pots. I will hopefully plant them next weekend.

My all star lineup so far is:
Giant Pumpkins are up:
1046 Grande 10
895 Grande 08 (which became my New Mexico State Record for giant pumpkin last year)

Giant greenie squash is up: 903 Noel 07

Both giant marrows are up:
43 Cabossel 10
75.4 Wursten 09

Giant pear gourd is up:
89 Scherber 10

Giant tomatoes are all up:
7.18 N. Harp 09
5.416 N, Harp 09
Big Zacs

Pictured: 903 Noel,895 Grande,1045 Grande

Only thing NOT UP are the long gourds.

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