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Wednesday, March 20 View Page
I prefer the 180 day Slw Release Purkote over the 90 day Slow Release Purkote. THat way I only have to apply it once per year
Friday, March 22 View Page
For the 150 Challenge this year: I'll be growing a Giant Pumpkin in an area that is 6ft x 25 ft,
Friday, March 22 View Page
In just 2 weeks we are closing in on 50 entries for the 150 Challenge. Sign ups are open until May 30, 2024
Wednesday, March 27 View Page
It must be planting season...I Started 15 Tomato plants with 100% germination. Peooers are not up yet. There are some 8.80 Daho Maters in this picture.
Wednesday, March 27 View Page
This year I'm starting a couple Giant Pumpkins early (April 1st). With the Heating cables and Heat Lamps costs, I"m gonna have some large electric bills. The remaing 3 Giant Pumpkins will get planted on April 10th.
Wednesday, March 27 View Page
Time to start my garden set up chores. I got a lot of work to do. Today I'm spreading Peat with Perlite, and 11-0-44 (slow Release) Purkote as noted on the pictures.
Monday, April 1 View Page
Finally. Its time to spead my compost, over the Peat and Perlite. Its 1 1/2 years old I add 2 yards of this black gold, per plant
Tuesday, April 2 View Page
1 set of Heating Cables with a programmable thermostat have been laid out in the pumpkin patch. 4 more to go.
Wednesday, April 3 View Page
Here is the Heating Cable picture that was supposed to go with the last entry
Sunday, April 7 View Page
My early starts (2222 Gienger, 2360 Montsma and 2116 Daho) are up and enjoying the T5 BadBoy lumens. On April 10th I'll plant my 2nd Batch of Giant Pumpkin seeds
Sunday, April 7 View Page
Dug another 12" deep hole today. for the Pumpkins. Been using these 60 ft, 300 Watt, programmable Gutter cables for 4 years. Seem very durable STill work great today
Tuesday, April 9 View Page
60 growers in the 150 so far.... All welcome if interested.
Friday, April 12 View Page
I made a decision to proactively battle phytopthera and fusarium this year
Saturday, April 13 View Page
After yesterdays bacteria kill, today I had to rejuvinate the good bacteria in the pumpkion patschc with a variety of biologicals.
Saturday, April 13 View Page
I love the heating power of trapped solar energy. Its free.
Sunday, April 14 View Page
My early plants are in the ground in 14x12 greenhouses. Between heating cables, two warming lamps, a heater, and supplemental full spectrum LED lights, my electric bill ought to be nice and high.
Monday, April 15 View Page
My next batch of seedlings are up and soaking up the T5 "Quantum BadBoy" lumens for a few days.
Saturday, April 20 View Page
Its 56F and rainy/overcast all day today. So I'm keeping all my plants warm oustide in greenhouses with covered quonset huts inside the greenhouses, using Full Spectrum LED lights and heaters. They seem to be doing OK. This is the 2222 Gienger plant, that was started on April 2nd.
Sunday, April 21 View Page
The 2501 Bernstrom and 1017 Rondeau. (both Planted April 10th)., were showing 2nd true leaf, so I moved them to the outdoor greenhouses yesterday. Was 37F last night, (plus a frost in localized area's of our yard), But with the heaters all night and covered mini quonset huts, it was 73F inside the huts. The plants dont seem to be in any stress today. Todays daytime outdoor temps are 55F and overcast. The greenhouse temps have risen to the low 80's from solar energy, as shown..
Friday, April 26 View Page
The 2222 Gienger just hit ground and is running. I had to remove a kickstand and one set of tendrils that were growing straight down and keeping the vine elevated
Tuesday, April 30 View Page
The 2222 Gienger is starting to run at a faster pace now, as April draws to a close. THe big chore and expense is keeping the greenhouses heated to at least 75F, when its 48F during the evenings.
Tuesday, April 30 View Page
The 2501 Bernstrom is looking very healthy. Looks in good shope for a 20 day old plant. I expect the main, to start vining out and touch down in about 3 days
Tuesday, April 30 View Page
I chose a Howard Dill winner for my 150 Challenge Pumpkin. This is the 1017 Rondeau. Should produce a nice orange fruit.
Friday, May 3 View Page
Finally!! May has arrived...but still a chilly 47F overcast day this morning. Kept it a toasty 80F inside the 15 ft long greenhouse with the heaters going, and running the Full Spectrum lights all day today. The 2222 Gienger main vine is 7 ft long.
Sunday, May 5 View Page
The 2501 Bernstrom main vine fell to the ground safely. My plants always seem out of sorts for a few hours on the first day they touchdown. Leaves have to re-orient themselves to face the sun and grow lights.
Sunday, May 5 View Page
2222 Gienger has a 9 ft main. Its 47F outside. Keeping the greenhouse warm at approximately 80Ft, is my #1 priority to keep the plant growing. Keeping the soil moist with biologicals like: SP1, Essential 1-0-1, and MT 17 are a given.
Thursday, May 9 View Page
Had a nice morning drive and visit to see Gene Lrivieres patch in Connecticut today. He's a long time Grower. Chilly 50F when I arrived at 8am, but inside his 100ft x 30ft greenhouse with role up sides, the soil temp was 72F and the air temp was around 78F. Looks like Genes growing two plants back to back with about 1000 sqft for each Giant Pumpkin plant. plus some potted flowers on the far end.
Friday, May 10 View Page
Shown is the 2222 Gienger. Temps dropped to a chilly 45F for 4 hours last night. Put a double layer of poly on each of the four greenhouses for improved insulation. With 1500W Heaters, plus Heating cables and LED lights, the temp inside each was at 78F all night. Each Leaf node (on the main and secondaries) gets covered with a wad of drenched perlite filled Potting soil, when they hit the ground, to help both tap roots develop.
Friday, May 10 View Page
The 2501 Bernstrom was started April 10th.
Friday, May 10 View Page
This is the 1017 Rondeau. My 150 Pumpkin
Friday, May 10 View Page
This is the 2465 Sperry. Started April 12th. Should be making the fall soon
Sunday, May 12 View Page
Dropping down to 45F tonight Heaters and Lights are cranking
Monday, May 13 View Page
More nights in the 40's predicted this week so its time for an addition. The 2222 Gienger outgrew the 13.5 ft Greenhouse so I added a 6 ft extention. Hopefully this will carry me to some warmer weather.
Saturday, May 18 View Page
I'm using elevated walk-ways as much as possible this year to minimize soil compaction.
Saturday, May 18 View Page
The 2222 Gienger plant.... Crown end view. Still in greenhouses but that will change real soon.
Saturday, May 18 View Page
The 2222 is showing a pumpkin at 16 ft. Total length of main is 17 ft. Starting to see male flowers blooming. One is showing in this photo.
Saturday, May 18 View Page
My 1017 Rondeau which I"m growing for the 1509 Challenge, looks healthy. Main is 9 ft. 1st Pumpkin showing at 8ft, will be culled.
Saturday, May 18 View Page
The 2501 Bernstrom plant is growing at a good pace now. (about 8 inches per day) Main is 10 ft long.
Saturday, May 18 View Page
2465 Sperry. was a late planting after the first plant was lost due to frost damage. But its catching up. Main vine on this plant is now 6ft
Thursday, May 23 View Page
My 1017 Rondeau is off to a nice start. This ismy 150 challenge plant. 1st pumpkin is showing at 12 ft. This one will be pollinated and then culled about a week later. Waiting for 16-18 ft main vine, before I start thinking about a keeper


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