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Thursday, February 16 View Page
Missed out by 8 seconds on the AVGVG auction, good to have a plan B. Going to plant all of these babies and go with the three strongest.
Tuesday, April 18 View Page
Started 14 plants, although Iím only keeping 3 or 4 of the most vigorous. 4- 603 Kenneally 3- 822 Dill/ MacDonald 3- 497 Dill 2- 1133 Yohe 1- 829 C. Ansems 2- 675 Maydan* x Blue Moon offspring F1
Tuesday, April 18 View Page
Too soon?
Wednesday, May 31 View Page
I was tilling today and struck what I thought was a tree root. Instead I found this thing. Asking around, the loose consensus is a part of a farm implement, possibly for haying, but I donít know.
Thursday, June 1 View Page
I added about 17 yards, five or take, of aged compost to the patch. This plant is a late edition 497 Dill that deserves a shot.
Thursday, June 1 View Page
These two ďdivasĒ are both 822 Dills which should throw nice orange. Only one is staying. They were the fastest growers by far but donít like the heat very much.
Thursday, June 1 View Page
Mother Nature must be having a hot flash. After several weeks of cold temps the warm weather finally arrived- 91 F today, 69 F tomorrow and 51 F on Saturday! Cold frames going back on I guess. This plant is a cross between a Blue Moon and an AG squash. Easily the most hardy, doesnít seem bothered by heat or cold. Will be interesting to see what it produces.
Thursday, June 1 View Page
Another 822 Dill, who like itís sisters, doesnít seem to like the heat. Weíll see, a back up may be needed if it doesnít start playing ball.
Saturday, June 3 View Page
Oh Mother Nature, youíre a fickle one. Two days ago it was 91 F, today the daytime high is 44 F. Cold frames back on, although Iím grateful for the rain which is very much needed.
Monday, June 5 View Page
Time for some perspective. Temps only in the 50ís all week, a ton of rain and the ground is saturated, plants still in cold frames. BUT- we desperately needed the rain and it has helped with the forest fires in the Province. Itís still early and September is more like August now so Iím being an optimist.


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