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Friday, January 20 View Page
Thank you everyone who participated in the SNGPG Seed Auction on www.BigPumpkins.com. In this photo, all the seeds are shown on the Floor. About 95% of the 56 orders were shipped, in bubble packs, this morning via USPS First Class. Best of luck in 2023!
Monday, February 6 View Page
The 150 Challenge is on for 2023 for growers both above and below the equator. Attached are the rules. Free Patch for all entrants
Friday, March 31 View Page
Once again I'll be adding 4 cu ft of Perlite around each pumpkin plant.
Saturday, April 1 View Page
The perlite has been spread. Now need to till it under.
Sunday, April 2 View Page
Dug 7 Planting Holes 6 ft x 6ft x 18 inches deep. Backfilled the holes with 3.8 cu ft of Greenworld GM15 and the previously spread perlite. Lined up the irrigation tubing and Cleaned/flushed them out with hydrogen peroxide solution.
Monday, April 3 View Page
Garden tilled and 3 of 7 greenhouses are up
Wednesday, April 12 View Page
Starting 9 Giant Pumpkin plants on April 12th.
Sunday, April 16 View Page
All 9 plants came up in 4 days. I prefer the 1 and done method. So I start them in these 1 gallon pots vs smaller starter pots, so I dont have to transplant in anther pot after 1 week and possibly break roots.
Saturday, April 22 View Page
First True leaf's have emerged. Its almost planting time.
Saturday, April 22 View Page
59 Entries in the 150 Challenge so far. Last day for entries is May 30, 2023
Saturday, April 22 View Page
Here is my 150 patch for 2023. Its 6ft x 25ft
Monday, April 24 View Page
My 150 Challenge plants are in the ground.
Monday, April 24 View Page
The 2365 Wolf and 2240 Connolly were planted outside
Monday, April 24 View Page
The 2907 Paton and 2359.5 LeBlanc have been planted.
Tuesday, May 9 View Page
Its great to see Pap Wallaces colorful Pumpkin Patch/Garden/Home Ornaments on sale at the Lariviere Garden Center. I've had some for 15 years. Very durable. This is a must have gift. They are located at 36 Heritage Road in Putnam, CT or call/text 860-942-2185.
Wednesday, May 10 View Page
This is my 1375 (my 150 pumpkin). It should hit ground and start to run in a few days...with a few gentle nudges from bamboo stakes, to get the main vine down.
Wednesday, May 10 View Page
My 2365 Wolf has one scorched leaf from the heat lamps. THat minor stuff. The Main is 14 inches long and has not hit ground yet. I'm keeping the plant very warm, so that the main will hit ground and not crack.
Wednesday, May 10 View Page
The 2907 Paton Giant Pumpkin plant is out-growing the mini 3ft x 3ft greenhouse that I cover and heat in the evenings. It has a 12 inch long Main Vine, and I"m training the main down with bamboo stakes so it hits ground soon.
Friday, May 12 View Page
First Touchdown. The Main on the 2702 Cutrupi hit ground today and is running.
Friday, May 12 View Page
Touchdown 2 The 2365 WOLF main vine decided to hit the ground with a soft landing, after it saw the 2702 CUTRUPI touchdown a few minutes prior.
Wednesday, May 17 View Page
THe 150 Challenge Pumpkin is growing from a 1375 seed. Main is at 8 ft. Growth is a bit slow. I'm already starting to dead end some of the side vines in my 6ft x 25ft long patch
Thursday, May 18 View Page
My 2365 WOLF Pumpkin Plant is off and running with its big Floppy Leaves. Gave it a dose of Humic Fulvic, Magnesium Nitrate and Neptune's Harvest Fish for breakfast yesterday.
Wednesday, May 24 View Page
Starting to move the Greenhouses off the plants for the daytime. Then cover them back up at night. Evenings have still been around 39F in MA. Shown is the 2907 Paton plant with a 10ft main, Starting to layout the drip irrigation too.
Wednesday, May 24 View Page
The 2365 Wolf has an 11 ft main and is growing fast in the 12ft x 12ft greenhouse. Lots of trimming, fertilizing, vine burying and vine training. busy, busy....
Friday, May 26 View Page
Today I removed the greenhouse from my 1375 (150 Challenge) plant, and installed drip irrigation and wind break fence
Tuesday, May 30 View Page
The 2365 Wolf is really kicking into gear. The 80% Wind Break Fencing is up around this one, and should help protect the plant leaf stems this summer... I hope.
Tuesday, May 30 View Page
And now for something completely different. The Bushel Gourds are starting to run. Shown is the 470.5 BG plant
Tuesday, May 30 View Page
Here is the 470 BG plant photo for the previous entry
Wednesday, May 31 View Page
Growing lots of BG's this year. My 189 Fleming BG plants are in the ground. Thanks for sprouting them Bill Sullivan.
Friday, June 2 View Page
Pollinated the 2907 Paton with a 2365 Wolf today at about 13 ft out on the Main Vine,


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