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Monday, February 6 View Page
Put round 2 of sulfur pellets in the garden. Next month I'll send a soil sample in for testing. I have a rather active mole population in my area which could be depleting the earth worms so I'm attempting to trap as many of them as I can.
Thursday, March 16 View Page
Thanks to some very generous people helping out a noob, I now have more seeds than I know what to do with. I think my main plant will be the 1739 Strickler since its the heaviest one I have. I'm not sure if I want to self pollinate it or go with one of the other ones whose parent was a 2000 pounder. It's hard to gage potential when you don't know the methods used by the grower.
Thursday, March 16 View Page
My fertilizer for this year....well...and a bag of grass seed. We had a new septic system installed and I need to plant some grass. I'm also waiting on my kelp meal which should be showing up today. Special thanks goes to Cecil Weston for assisting me in figuring what would be best for amendments. I know how to use the soil estimator spreadsheet, but Cecil had a seemingly better approach to balancing the ratios.
Thursday, March 16 View Page
On a side note; my soil test revealed that I had successfully lowered my pH to 6.8. Also I put some sonic vibrators in the ground to drive away the moles. It seems to be working so far.
Wednesday, March 22 View Page
Making videos of my progress over on the Youtube thingy: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC58Q2c-bVSPWbCrdokDjjZg
Monday, March 27 View Page
Seeing how many people are using heating cables this year, I am concerned about soil temperature and I may try to solarize the transplant area through the month of April.
Sunday, April 9 View Page
Solarizing the area where the transplant will take place next month. Since I don't yet have heating cables in place this should help boost the temperature of that spot of the patch. I've found in years past that things took longer than expected to germinate and usually it was because the soil was just too darn cold.
Sunday, April 9 View Page
Here we goooooo! Two black pots are my 1739 Stricklers, and the beige one is a 1465 Weston (pollinator). My potting soil is sloppy and terrible......probably a good thing. I soaked the seeds in water for a good awhile today before dropping them in. No special tricks here, just dirt and seeds!
Sunday, April 9 View Page
Oh yeah....the Youtube thingy... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNwNBDZHTRM
Tuesday, April 11 View Page
Soil was still stone cold! Sooooo...greenhouse time! I suppose this is what should be done in the first place. I potted my third 1739 in more typical potting mix. If I don't see roots from the other three within the next few days we're changing soil. Still plenty of time as I started a little earlier than I originally planned. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JAD9uXxHlg
Friday, April 14 View Page
Let the kiddos outside today since it's warm and humid. The ones coming up will no doubt appreciate the actual light. The one of the far left was planted two days later, so it probably rooted but hasn't popped yet. The other one is the 1468 Weston which hasn't cracked yet. I'm going to assume it's because I didn't sand it as well as the others because that's the only condition difference between them.
Sunday, April 16 View Page
We're rockin and rollin now. True leaves are appearing on the two that are fully up and the middle one (two days behind) should be opening probably tomorrow. The Weston (not in the pic) is closer to the heater now. Another possible reason for it's slowpokiness is it was farther away from the heat source than the others. It is starting to crack though so just a matter of time. As a new(ish) grower I'm constantly evaluating what I'm doing. In this case I decided to put the 'gooseneck' lights right on the two frontrunners to keep them from getting too leggy. As far as the other one goes, it is it what it is because I don't have shorter stands for them.
Wednesday, April 19 View Page
Still chugging along! The middle one, being in a more airy potting soil, is a bit of a darker green. It's still two days behind though so it probably won't make the cut. RIP to the 1468 Weston. It never opened and I can only assume it was DOA. Looks like we're doing a self pollination.
Thursday, April 20 View Page
Alright we're seeing a little bit of crispy burn on one of the leaves. I have decided I will change the soil of those two in the 'dirt'. Let's just be honest...it's fill dirt....I went to Rural King thinking I was getting potting soil and instead I got fill dirt. I should have known as soon as I opened the bag. Hopefully it's not too late and I'll get those changed tomorrow. It's also possible I just fried it with one of the grow lights leaving them on overnight, which is still apparently a topic of debate. Either way, the one plant in the 'good' soil is doing fine and darker green too. Ugh....shoulda known... If it isn't obvious already...I hate making mistakes...lol.
Monday, April 24 View Page
I've got backups planted now since I don't know how well the others will do going forward. The little things in the back tray are my peppers. They are smaller pots but at least they're easy transplant kind and they wouldn't be hanging out there for very long anyway. I plan on moving stuff outside May 6 or 7. The backups are an assortment of seeds I got at the Indiana meeting. Although none of them have a track record, most of the parents do.
Wednesday, April 26 View Page
It occurs to me I never reported on the problem with the plants. Long story short I overwatered them. I have a meter in there now since I'm not yet a great judge at whether or not the dirt is dry. Spoiler: when using pots, you can't go by what it looks like on the top.
Thursday, April 27 View Page
This guy is making a serious comeback. 1739 Strickler coming in clutch despite my bafoonery.
Thursday, April 27 View Page
I have half the patch amended now. Man some of that stuff is nasty to work with. Alfalfa meal gets everywhere but I'm told it's a good source of slow release nitrogen. It's going to rain the next couple days so the rest will have to wait until next week. Spreading and raking it in was like actual work....
Monday, May 1 View Page
Leggy plus soft soil equals......
Wednesday, May 3 View Page
No pics, but I will say the leaves are starting to look like they need some nitrogen. I'm transplanting outside on Friday so my hope is that they start to take off in the better soil. Here's my latest video....if nothing else we can all laugh at the noob who overwatered..haha. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDzaPr2-yMk
Friday, May 5 View Page
Plants are in the ground baby! I decided to plant all 3 1739's because I couldn't decide which one would better. The itty bitty 1667 Fisk is in there too but...that's mainly just to satisfy my curiosity. I can tell the Mycos helped with the previous transplant so I put some in for these as well. The process was fairly painless compared to what they've been through already. Heater is in there for nighttime but it probably won't be used much as our lows are probably 50's from here on out.
Sunday, May 7 View Page
Plants seem a bit stagnant so I've added some worm castings. The middle one (one which was not planted in crap potting soil) looks like it wants to get something going.
Tuesday, May 9 View Page
This is probably the one that's going to do the best. It's starting to thicken up now and the new growth on it is looking good. Hopefully this continues and the plant starts to look more like a true giant.
Thursday, May 11 View Page
Now I don't have the healthiest plant yet here, but for some reason I've always this problem with my pumpkin plants. It gets around 80 degrees out and we get droopy droop. I know this is usually heat stress but I would think it would have to be in the 90's for that to really happen. Anyway...fan is out so that's the best I can do. The image should show it's been thoroughly watered. The other two I'm probably cutting off pretty soon.
Saturday, May 13 View Page
It's growing. Not the most flattering picture with the afternoon droop but it looked real strong when I went out to zip up the mini. I culled the other two so it's gonna be this one or bust. If I can get a fruit or two pollinated by July then I'll be in good shape.
Tuesday, May 16 View Page
No pic, but a video update on ye olde Youtube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwvmoudApmc
Friday, May 19 View Page
So here we are, pretty healthy plant now. I need to prune off the cots and first two true leaves as they are worthless now. Now If I can get a successful pollination before July we'll be in good shape!
Tuesday, May 30 View Page
1739 Strickler growing well! Would be nice to have it longer but I may be lucky to have a plant at all.
Sunday, June 4 View Page
It's about 16 inches from the end of the mini. I'll probably be removing it within the next week. It's really just serving as a pest preventer now. Really big leaves though so it's turning out to be a nice plant. And to think I almost lost this one!


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