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Monday, June 27 View Page
150 square foot contest- Entry 1
Monday, June 27 View Page
150 square foot contest- Entry 1. I got a late start this year. I roasted this plant with too strong a dose of insecticide. It bounced back- mostly. I started backups, but theyíre tiny and a month behind. The plant on the left is my 25x25 patch. A Gansert. The stakes on the right mark out the 10x15 with my 1360 Companion (Daletas x Wallace!!!!!). If I hadnít roasted it- oh man. Will do more entries soon.
Friday, July 1 View Page
Hereís an old photo. Iíll try to find a new one. Look at that strange garden pest! So darn cute I donít have the heart to keep it out.
Friday, July 29 View Page
Rough year for me, and especially for this poor 150ft contest contender. Hereís the patch. Itís about a month delayed. The fruit is set and maybe cantelope sized. The 10x15 patch isÖ well, it is what it is.
Friday, July 29 View Page
Hereís the fruit as of a couple days ago. Ití s a little sad in terms of size. I really regret the rookie move on the pesticide burn early on that set me back by weeks worth of growth. All that aside- Iím having fun this year. Iíll just see what comes of each of these two plants. This 150ft plant wonít be any kind of contender and neither will the other- but theyíll still be the biggest in town, a beautiful sight for the fall, and just overall fun.


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