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Friday, January 7 View Page
Happy New Year everyone. This the new frame for the new greenhouse. We've had a lot of snow this year and that's why the greenhouse was designed to remove the poly at the end of each season.
Thursday, February 17 View Page
Soil sample has been analyzed and the is the 1st attempt at calculating amendments for this season.
Thursday, February 17 View Page
A podcast was made about how I grew the 1911 Chan. Warning ! ...its over an hour long. The interviewer herself was trying to grow a giant pumpkin and thought it would be fun to podcast my story. Search" TNP155 Growing Giant Pumpkins with Dave Chan".
Sunday, March 13 View Page
A beautiful sunny afternoon to start installing the mister system.
Tuesday, March 22 View Page
I've been WOW'd !!! WOW Mycorhrizae used at the transplant site and every vine burying site for the BC record 1911. Will do exactly the same this year??
Thursday, April 7 View Page
First cut of the rye cover crop. March was very rainy and wet but April is warming up very fast.
Thursday, April 7 View Page
This is the final choice. May the best seeds win! I will grow 3 this year.
Saturday, April 16 View Page
Half bag of ProMix and half bag of Perlite spread over the planting site.
Saturday, April 16 View Page
ProMix and Perlite spread out
Saturday, April 16 View Page
First time cultivating inside the green house frame with the tractor. I had to be soooo careful.
Saturday, April 16 View Page
After cultivating, the planting site is dug out and the heating cables are placed about 6 to 8 inches deep.
Saturday, April 16 View Page
The hoops are put up, the heating cables and a brooding light are turned on to warm the soil before transplanting.
Monday, April 18 View Page
Constructions of a mad pumpkin grower ! The 2 smaller hoops(10'x9') over the planting sites. The frame of 1 of 2 larger hoops(20'x14') over the smaller hoops.
Wednesday, April 20 View Page
One of the larger hoops partially covered. Will build the 2nd large hoop as soon as it stops raining.
Saturday, April 30 View Page
We have been experiencing cooler than average temperatures. On top of that there have been cool winds blowing almost daily. I mention this because it hasn't affected my plants very much! The large hoop is providing a lot of shelter and insulation for the smaller hoop. Together with soil heating cables and a 250 watt brooding light, I have been able to keep the soil temp to a minimum of 65F and often it goes higher on a warm day. The plant is a Barron 2118....the same seed that I planted last year to grow a 1911.
Sunday, May 8 View Page
Getting desperate. My plants in the double hoops are growing a lot slower than previous years. Lower mounts of sunshine and lower temperatures are the cause. So in a desperate attempt to heat the soil more and better I am installing 2 layers of heating cables. This is the 1st or deepest layer at about 11 or 12 inches. I covered this with about 4 inches of soil.
Sunday, May 8 View Page
This is the 2nd set of heating cables on top of the 1st or deeper ones. As I said in the previous post, my plants are slow to grow. I started 10 days earlier this year and they are at the same level as last year.


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