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Friday, March 11 View Page
I hope you can attend the 2022 Virtual Conference, Elaine! Tons of great info to be had!
Friday, March 11 View Page
Thank you to the GPC and everyone in attendance for a great start to the Virtual Conference! Two and half pages of notes about growing 'em big later...
Tuesday, March 22 View Page
The 2022 season is here and big things are happening! I hope everyone has an excellent season with lots of PB's! I've changed my screen name to reflect the fact that I am not a guy, and I apologize to anyone who thought I was. Have a great day and grow 'em big!!!! Yay!
Tuesday, April 12 View Page
Lowland snow, here? Really? lol
Wednesday, April 13 View Page
Get well soon, big moon and Gray B!
Saturday, April 16 View Page
I missed my chance to tell Zeke that I'm growing three tomato plants for the 5-Gallon Contest: One 5.14 La Rue '21 (8.71 x Open), and two 5.39 Holub '21 (6.66 Spaziani x Open) Big Marley F2. Several of my favorite growers here this year, I'm looking forward to a bigger and better season! Much success to everyone in Mater Land!
Thursday, April 21 View Page
Shovel duty in the snow is character building, right? lol
Thursday, April 28 View Page
I'm super-happy with my new grow lights, largest and nicest plants ever for me! Looking forward to the Zeke Mars Team Tomato Challenge this season, with two 5.39 Holubs and one 5.14 La Rue.
Thursday, April 28 View Page
Also really happy with my pumpkin seedlings this year. 178 Gerry is the largest plant of the bunch so far. 574.5 Mercer and 2363 Holland are about even today. 2283 Barlow/Jacobus is missing a few beats, it seems.
Sunday, May 1 View Page
I am now the proud domain owner of giantcucumber.com! Yay! Thank you bnot!
Friday, May 6 View Page
...aaand I just got hailed on while creating my seed starting mix for my heavy cucumbers. What kind of spring IS this? lol
Sunday, May 8 View Page
Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there! All my babies are monsters, like this one:
Sunday, May 8 View Page
I'm really glad Lambchop randomly drafted me to be on Team 1 with with LMichael and Ned! My three starts are doing really well so far, I'm excited for a big year! Also, I hope the new grower at the Draft found his way around on this website. While looking at the Grower Diary that you need to contact, right click on the Envelope Icon and choose "copy email address." Good luck to you!
Sunday, May 8 View Page
After the Draft, I too managed to turn my small greenhouse into a kite in about 55 mph winds that the morning weatherlady never mentioned anything about, lol! Only the power cord prevented my greenhouse from whisked away like Dorothy and Toto. My small greenhouse was upside-down like a turtle on it's shell, with the heater and heat lamp still attached on the inside, lol! I was afraid for my tomato and pumpkin starts after the wind turned them into a tossed salad, but they seem fine now. I battened down the hatches, so hopefully I'm good now.
Thursday, May 12 View Page
Got snow? lol
Thursday, July 28 View Page
Captain, I also have a blossom-end split on my 2363 Holland, in three different places. I applied sulfur powder and silicone caulk over the splits, in hopes of trying to keep it going for carving for Halloween. The upper split goes into the cavity. I'll pollinate the next one on the main, but I'll end up with a much smaller pumpkin that the one I had going. This is my only plant. I'm wondering if my BES is caused by excessive watering in almost 100F temps, I noticed the split the next morning after watering three times the prior day. I cut back yesterday to watering twice a day and my pumpkin no longer looks like wants to eliminate my blossom all together. It's been a really weird season, I'll keep forging ahead and try again next year. My maters are looking nice, Go Laughing Stalks go! Yeah, Dawn, don't overwater those either! lol


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