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Monday, March 14 View Page
Well, not sure how to approach the season. I have attached my disease report. I am high in practically every disease. I spoke to Harry at Western about trying to gain a fighting chance to save my season before it starts. I would appreciate any input from someone who has received a similar disease report and made a go of it the same year. I wish I had done this report a couple of years back when my troubles starting brewing. Live and learn.
Monday, March 14 View Page
Tuesday, March 22 View Page
Gentlemen, start your patches. I have decided to grow and treat half my patch for disease to see if it can be done. The other half I will plant some mustard, then solarize. In between mustard and solarization, I will do the peroxide treatment. It will be interesting to see where both patches are at the end of the year.
Tuesday, March 22 View Page
And a pic for the ladies of BP to enjoy.
Thursday, April 14 View Page
Seeds are up. 7 for 7. I wish that was my biggest hurdle. Being maxed out on 4 out of 6 soil diseases on Western's disease report will probably be a mountain too high. But I am going to combine a few programs together including Ruben's hydrogen peroxide to see if I can get something to scale this year.
Saturday, April 30 View Page
Plants are looking good, but I need to get them into the ground soon.
Friday, May 13 View Page
Had a friend drop by the patch today. I have always liked tree frogs. Not sure if this year is the Chinese year of the frog, maybe it is s a good luck sign. I have both of my 1025 Bierle plants in the ground just waiting for the main vine to touchdown. It should happen sometime next week. Then the race is on to see which one will represent Georgia at the Roberts Farm GPC weigh-off.
Friday, May 13 View Page
Had a friend drop by the patch today. I have always liked tree frogs. Not sure if this year is the Chinese year of the frog, maybe it is s a good luck sign. I have both of my 1025 Bierle plants in the ground just waiting for the main vine to touchdown. It should happen sometime next week. Then the race is on to see which one will represent Georgia at the Roberts Farm GPC weigh-off.
Thursday, May 26 View Page
Kind of cool to be posting behind cjb since I am growing his 1025 HD winner. I have high hopes. A 1025 pounds in 400 sq. ft is strong. I plan on pulling the plant on the right in the next day or two.
Thursday, May 26 View Page
The main tip of the winning plant seems to be getting enough nitrogen. Is it wedding night enough for you, Pap. lol I have not watered in any nitrogen, so it is pulling the nitrogen out of the soil. I plan on doing a nutrient test this weekend. I decided not to do a pre-amendment test. I feel like I have a pretty good handle on what my soil is missing after the off season. It has been almost four weeks since I tilled my amendments in. It will be interesting to see how well I did.
Thursday, May 26 View Page
Why do growers feel obligated to do a hand photo? It just leaves the door open for someone to think they are clever and say, "We ain't growing cabbage."
Thursday, May 26 View Page
My buddy. She has been around for a couple of weeks. There is a group of them. Two female turkeys and a male turkey. It is my understanding that a turkey can recall the geography of a 1,000 acres. It will be interesting to see how long they hang out. She is about 20 feet from garden, thank goodness for my fence.
Wednesday, June 1 View Page
Soil getting overnighted to Western Labs today. Going with Test 75 which is the Complete Soil Test for Atlantic Giant Pumpkins and Test 80 which is the Disease Test for Atlantic Giant Pumpkins. Looking forward to the soil test to see where I am after amendments. I really tried to do a better job this year of getting more into the soil at the start. And I really, really want to see where I am at on my soil diseases. I feel like I have been hitting the disease front pretty hard. If my results are still high, then I think I will just have to just let the patch rest. But I am hoping that some of the organics like Rootshield and Companion might keep it at bay even if the tests come back high.
Monday, June 6 View Page
Well, I have my first soil test back- the nutrient test. I was not low in a single category. Very high in two categories I just need to store away what I did, so I can repeat it next year. At least, I know have a near perfect blue print for my soil except for the nitrogen, lol. The Cobra Kai vine tips told the story on nitrogen. 35 parts per million is the top end of adequate and I am at 249 parts per million. Long live Cobra Kai.
Wednesday, June 8 View Page
Drum roll, please. ................................. Disease test came back. Made some headway but I was still disappointed given the amount of time and energy spent on addressing the problem. I reduced my general pythium by nearly 50% so that was good but it is still high. My verticullium wilt which was high at 54 cfu was knocked down just 1 cfu. My pythium ultimum was low at 4 cfu before and got knocked down to 0. But that darn fusarium. I did not make a dent in it at all. I asked Harry at Western about that and basically the response was that fusarium is year long struggle in which you hope to contain it. Oh well, at least I did make some progress on the other fronts.
Friday, June 10 View Page
Pollinated this one on Tuesday. Only had one male flower open but that is all that it takes. It is about 14ft out. I have another online about 17ft out. Trying to stay positive, but I expect that the soil diseases will take me down in late July just like it has done in the past. But like Chris D., I am going to trudge ahead with my chemical treatments throughout the rest of the season. At least I have my other patch resting this year and the spring mustard is coming along nicely.
Tuesday, June 14 View Page
Well, lost my first set. I have another one coming online tomorrow. Not sure what the outcome will be this time. Running 94-97 as a high everyday through next Tuesday. I will give the old cooler a frozen water bottles a shot to work a miracle. Of course, it could all be soil disease related. I cannot wait to test the other resting patch after two seasons of mustard.
Sunday, June 19 View Page
Pollinated a robust four lober today. Temps will be around 95 most of next week. I don't have high hopes for making it through the gauntlet, but there is always a chance. Had six open flowers so I went a little overboard with the pollen.
Sunday, June 19 View Page
Not sure who suggested the WIFI Govee Thermometer/Hyrgrometer but it works like a charm. Only costs $15 and will store two years worth of data. I can check on my garden at anytime using my cell phone. Pretty cool. I have a temperature alarm set to notify me once it gets over 85 degree. Given the current heat wave it may become my wake up alarm.
Wednesday, June 22 View Page
The best decision I made this year was to let half my patch take a year off. It makes me feel better about this year and hopeful for next year. The Wallace mustard blend is growing great and does well even in this heat wave. I will be cutting and tilling soon. For some reason tilling at the beginning of Spring is more exciting that tilling in July.
Thursday, June 23 View Page
Sunday's pollination has taken hold. But every day since has been 100 except for today's 97. Not betting the farm on this one. Should know by the end of the weekend.
Saturday, June 25 View Page
Well, it's official my Sunday pollination has kicked the bucket. Second one in a row this year and both around day four. Next week temps are 86-88, so I should have better luck.
Saturday, July 2 View Page
Mustard all gone. The bright side about giving half of the patch the year off, is that it gives me hope for next year. Not sure if it is the soil disease or the heat but so far I am 0-3 on pollination. And I have a bad feeling that I am 0-2 for last week, but I will give them until day 7ish before culling. They just seem to quit between day 3-4. I have three more coming on line early next week. Keeping fingers crossed.
Wednesday, July 6 View Page
So, I have officially lost my fourth pollinated pumpkin. This one made it to about day 5 and had a 12inch diameter. I have pollinated four more this week. Two on the main vine, and on two secondary vines. If they do not take, then I will stop for the season. I have maxed out my growing area. I still have a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that I have a resting patch for next year. Damn, did I really just say "next year." That is sad. lol


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