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Saturday, January 15 View Page
Overwintering a tertiary clone from the 2350 that grew my nuclear red 1511. Plant A was the original plant material removed from the patch. B and C are new independent separations. Overall health of the clones is fair. I am trying to stifle vegetative growth with minimal feeding. Spring is a long ways off.
Thursday, January 27 View Page
The 1511 nuclear red is still going. Is it spring yet? Pepper plant needs harvested as well.
Tuesday, February 8 View Page
Clones are doing well. Over half way to spring.
Sunday, February 13 View Page
Youtube 2021 season review and 2022 preview video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaf1FtPTmCw
Thursday, March 31 View Page
Clones are hungry but remain healthy
Thursday, April 21 View Page
Saturday, June 11 View Page
Saturday, June 11 View Page
Tuesday, June 14 View Page
Beautiful Salad.
Friday, June 17 View Page
Pop's patch youtube update. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rd7u9Zm6e6Q
Monday, June 20 View Page
Stage is set for team Doc in the main patch.
Friday, July 1 View Page
2350 Clone fruit is set
Friday, July 1 View Page
Stella's level of concentration is heightened for the important task of nub painting.
Wednesday, July 6 View Page
The competition fruit for 2022. Grow baby Grow!
Wednesday, July 6 View Page
2350 Gienger Clone is starting to do work.
Friday, July 8 View Page
Dap-15 comparison of the 2021 fruit and this 2022 season's Clone fruit. Shape is better, size is a touch bigger for now, and most importantly the color and texture is still there.
Sunday, July 10 View Page
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXZvT3uTocY Patch update video #9 on YouTube. Check out the clone. I'm pretty darn excited about her.
Wednesday, July 13 View Page
Ruby my clone fruit is 157ott at Dap20
Thursday, July 14 View Page
The 1965.5 Rodebaugh (Opal) is starting to hit her stride.
Sunday, July 17 View Page
Monday, July 18 View Page
The Clone is pacing far better than anticipated. Dap-25 Photo
Wednesday, July 27 View Page
Clone starting to pretty up. Dap34 today. Tape runs tomorrow at first light.
Friday, July 29 View Page
Overcast morning; the fruit almost seems to be glowing.
Tuesday, August 2 View Page
Dap40 on the Clone today.
Friday, August 12 View Page
Dap50 on the clone vs her 2021 self.
Wednesday, August 17 View Page
It is Dap-55 for our Clone (Ruby) today. She is still ahead of her 2021 self in ott. Color is also where it needs to for her age.
Saturday, August 27 View Page
Our clone fruit turns 65 today. She is now taping 400# larger than current largest recorded clone fruit. Her ott is also 6" larger than her 2021 self at this age. The color......mmmmmm the color. We are on track to hit that Rodebaugh Red by dap-85.
Saturday, August 27 View Page
Youtube patch tour of the clone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wf5lT2GUhU&lc=UgyzGHTGeKTMr2Rnzmp4AaABAg
Monday, August 29 View Page
Morning inspection
Thursday, September 1 View Page
Dap70 today for Ruby. Now taping 500# over the current WR for a clone fruit. Checking all the boxes: Size, shape, color, gloss, health. The lord has blessed me with another chance at a dandy.
Tuesday, September 6 View Page
Crank the volume and put on your sunglasses. Dap-75 patch jam. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yx8dRUyFqnI
Friday, September 9 View Page
My patch helper Stella cleaning Ruby and sneaking in a hug.
Monday, September 12 View Page
I'll be starting a clone series soon on the whats, hows, and whens of my process. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcO5SFGM-Hnz7hlGPccqlsw
Wednesday, September 21 View Page
Dap 90 on the clone Ruby. Time to start thinking about a scale.
Wednesday, September 21 View Page
View from the front side.
Monday, September 26 View Page
Year over year DAP95
Saturday, October 1 View Page
Dap-100 for Ruby. Almost scale time.
Sunday, October 9 View Page
Clone fruit is loaded and waiting.
Sunday, October 9 View Page
Ruby tapes easily as the largest clone fruit ever grown. I am excited for Tuesday to see if the scale agrees.
Monday, October 10 View Page
Show time for the Clone fruit tomorrow. Go Ruby Go!
Monday, October 10 View Page
See you in Raleigh.
Tuesday, October 11 View Page
Ruby landed on the scales yesterday at Raleigh, NC. She was awarded the black and orange plaques weighing in at 1461 lbs. That is 500lbs below my personal best for a fruit to scale, but Ruby is not just any regular fruit. Her grow, genetics, and journey are remarkable. Ruby is by far the largest fruit ever grown from a clone propagation (no seed). Her vegetative plant footprint measured out realistically at 350sqft tops. She managed to go a touch heavy to chart without ever having a stump. Yesterday’s results were 2 years in the making. It has been a great honor to grow Ruby and see her to scale. I really appreciate all the support and encouragement from my family and grower friends throughout the season. It is always nice to reconnect in Raleigh with my North Carolina growers. I have been blessed beyond that which I deserve, Doc Chris
Thursday, October 13 View Page
The display at the NC state fair is beautiful as usual. Photo Credit: Dr Brandon Huber
Thursday, November 3 View Page
That's a wrap for Ruby the cloned pumpkin. At 1461#'s she is handedly by far the largest fruit ever grown from a clone plant and is now the 16th largest fruit ever grown in the state of West Virginia. She did much better than I could have ever hoped for. It has been a real pleasure and blessing to grow her.........twice......and I am looking forward to growing her progeny. She is a clean clone x self. Her seeds have been harvested and are now drying. I want to express my appreciation to Dr. Brandon Huber (pictured) and Danny Vester for harvesting on my behalf. Look for seeds to first become available at the club auctions. Following the auction season the remaining will be available through the MSGG club with all proceeds going to that organization.
Saturday, November 12 View Page
Test germ of Ruby was a success. Her seeds are very small. They remind me of 1501 VanderWielen but are white.
Saturday, November 12 View Page
I'm not sure how other folks do it but I like to test germ what I perceive to be the lowest quality seeds from a given fruit. Usually these are the seeds with larger white tips or other typically undesirable features. I figure if these lower quality seeds do indeed germ then what I would classify as the best quality stock will preform as well or better.


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