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Friday, March 18 View Page
1806 Mathison 2015
Sunday, May 1 View Page
Breaking Bad? Nope... just Breaking Ground :)
Sunday, May 1 View Page
Stinky mulch. Busy day. Her younger brother thought dropping the shovel handle on her plant would help it lay down... funny I never read about that method before...
Sunday, May 1 View Page
So the previous pic, was 7.5 x 20 =150 or 6 x 25= 150... not sure yet. This one is 150 sq ft. its a right trapezoid. Putting our book smarts to the test today. Next post is the calculations.
Sunday, May 1 View Page
Number crunching, got lucky...
Sunday, May 1 View Page
Wants a big pumpkin.
Sunday, May 1 View Page
Wants an orange pumpkin. Its a lot of work. But, good memories hopefully!
Sunday, May 1 View Page
Wants an orange pumpkin. Its a lot of work. But, good memories hopefully!
Wednesday, May 4 View Page
Planting the 'Big & Orange' Possert. Ground temps are low and the forcast isnt great. Growth will be slow... But today was a good day. Dads guess (me) was that ten pounds of fertilizer would be a good start. We might get more scientific later but for now we put on 4 lbs bone meal 1 lb epsom salt about 5 lbs of dolomite, 1.5 lbs standard miracle grow, maybe a half pound of blood meal and around 2 lbs of a balanced organic type fertilizer. Also maybe four handfuls of calcium nitrate. The soil is so poor, this might be half of whats really needed but its a start. Also added a barrel of compost. Just trying to establish some baseline fertility. Maybe we can fine tune it with fertigation, or the vine burying mix.
Friday, May 13 View Page
These have had no heat other than the plastic cover at night and its been cold. These are Ivy's 150 sq ft entry Holland plants. They are growing well, but yes the leaf color is poor.
Friday, May 20 View Page
Throwing yard waste compost around. Wont help the plants now, but we'll see if the mix of organics and chemicals pays off in August! Yet another cold night.
Saturday, June 4 View Page
Last of the potatoes eaten/ planted. Dale M and the Patons sure have some big plants... my earliest plant was a dud. Pretty awesome.
Wednesday, June 15 View Page
Tying up to attempt yet another blossom down pumpkin. Its good to use two strands of twine. If a cinch-type knot is used (right), its best it not be around the main but tying around the leaf and tendril usually works well.
Sunday, June 19 View Page
Checking the plant... Ivy's 150 plant is doing great certainly a low riding plant about the most ground hugging Ive ever seen. Theres a pumpkin only six feet out, but it looks like she will have to go with it since there arent any others in the vine tip and the fair isnt that far off.
Sunday, June 19 View Page
After the picture was taken, Ivy removed one of the alternate plants. She wants to go all-in on her plant. There is still one alternate plant remaining, heading 180 degrees opposite. Its actually slightly larger than her plant but foliage-size isnt everything. Heading into the dry part of the year now, where the best roots will be more important than the biggest vine!
Wednesday, June 22 View Page
Rose's 150 patch needs a math update. ...Going to try to mark the round boundary with a drip line. Ivy's pumpkin may bloom tomorrow. Puyallup fair, here we come!
Saturday, June 25 View Page
Ivy's 150 plant. She has some weeds to pull. But it looks like most will get fried in the mini heatwave... Solarization is way better than glyphosate or hoeing. I have an extra 20x30 sheet of plastic. I should solarize a totally new patch for next year and give everywhere else a rest.
Saturday, June 25 View Page
Approximation of where she has 6 x 25 ft. = 150.
Wednesday, July 6 View Page
Healthy plant no problems? But closer inspection...
Wednesday, July 6 View Page
The main vine looks terrible. Ive never had whatever this is. It could be heat/sun, insect, or water-related damage. This is Ivy's plant and while I wont pull weeds for her, I will treat whatever this is with a bleach scrub then daconil.
Monday, July 11 View Page
A life/pumpkin poem. The power that my parent should have given me, was given to a drug instead. Kicked around enough by losers, hence we are here to win.
Tuesday, July 12 View Page
Looks and smells like a giant cowpie. Dumped this around the possert "big and orange" plant, with some special K fertilizer and standard miracle grow. Small plant so far she might get a 150 lb pumpkin for the 150 competition.
Wednesday, July 20 View Page
Both of girls 150 sq ft pumpkins culled due to poor vine position and other issues. Getting late in the year to be pollinating.
Tuesday, July 26 View Page
Four possible keepers on Ivy's 150 sq ft Holland plant. Its about 12 ft x 12 ft now and looking healthy. The leaf damage is sun damage not disease. The pumpkins arent growing perfectly well though, so we are getting a tissue test done, the sample was taken from leaf stalks that were after the largest pumpkin. I suspect a partial ph imbalance, locking up phosphorus and magnesium. We pretty well saturated this plant with fertilizer so we cant just be more-ons & add more. We need to know the specific deficiency or imbalance at this point because it looks to me like we are in the upper range for some micronutrients and nitrogen. Will share the test results early next week.
Thursday, July 28 View Page
Here's our test results. I suspected some of these. I have had issues with some of these in the past. Really appreciate the speed of the results, when it must be their busy time of year.
Thursday, July 28 View Page
This is the pumpkin exactly where the leaf sample was taken. You can see the deficiencies in the stem end of the pumpkin!!! Usually I have gotten deficiencies in the blossom end but this combo of deficiencies is showing up on the stem end. I suspect maybe since the boron wasnt quite as low as the phosphorus? Its interesting how the plant will sometimes allocate resources on one end or the other, and it can also allocate resources to both ends but not the middle, so you get peanut shape or dill ring. Are all these slight variations in shape due to the exact mineral profile...? They're supposed to look smooth & plump everywhere (as you may already know!)
Thursday, July 28 View Page
The large leaf is closest to where the tissue test was taken. It does have a crack or two within the leaf, and some cracks at the edges. Not quite a perfect leaf. Im sure the zinc boron and copper deficiencies contributed to the little flaws.
Thursday, July 28 View Page
Beating a dead horse here now, but the leaves on the right looked much worse a few days ago, and since this plant tested high in magnesium, the interveinal chlorosis was due to the zinc being low. I'm just beating this horse for my own benefit. Hopefully I'll remember that zinc is a possible cause of chlorosis (it doesnt look as bad now, but the plant in the diagram is exactly how this leaf looked a few days ago...) and not wrongly assume its magnesium.
Saturday, August 6 View Page
Ivy's 150 plant. I thought this plant looked good before, but after apply the stuff the tissue test called for, its super glossy and growing even bigger and faster than before. And the third pick of the pumpkins it set is growing well too. A much later set than would be ideal, but if it start to do 10-15 lbs a day then it wont exactly be small... except by bp standards. I'm impressed how useful the tissue test was, without the tissue test I would have been worried about overfertilizing. Now this plant is truly well fed.


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