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Tuesday, April 5 View Page
2 pumpkins this year will hopefully be 2269 Paton '17 and 2269 Haist '19... 2158 Geddes is my backup...
Saturday, April 9 View Page
And we have liftoff!! All 3 popping they're cots through!!
Wednesday, May 18 View Page
May 18th. 2269 Haist goes in the ground...
Sunday, May 22 View Page
May 22... 2158 Geddes gets the nod...
Tuesday, June 14 View Page
Been busy with work... But plants are looking solid this year... Weather has been consistent lately... Hoping to get a pollination in a few weeks...
Tuesday, June 14 View Page
Another pic..
Tuesday, July 5 View Page
1st pollination of the season, selfed a 4 lober on 2158 Geddes...Also, found 1st evidence of Vine Borers... Will be a lil more aggressive using BT and checking leaves...
Tuesday, July 5 View Page
1st pollination
Sunday, July 10 View Page
Worried about hot weather in a few days... Hoping it takes..
Sunday, July 10 View Page
Another pic
Tuesday, July 12 View Page
So we are renaming the plants in honor of 2 friends taken from us way too soon... 2158 Geddes will be "The Sarge" plant. 2269 plant will be the "McGovern"... The keeper 'kin from each one will have the same name RIP brothers!!
Tuesday, July 12 View Page
2nd pic
Saturday, July 16 View Page
"Sarge" 11DAP... Not that we needed more motivation... But now we have to get 'kins to the finish line!!! To honor friends gone wayyyyyy too soon!!! Finally seem to be on top of SVB's. (Spraying BT and swatting moths with electric tennis racket). Just seen a few cuke beetles.. will spray Capt Jacks tomorrow... Plants looking very healthy... Fingers crossed... Will grow and retwist last couple side vines to provide late season push...
Friday, July 22 View Page
Things are chugging along... Starting to terminate some side vines.. going to let a few later ones grow out a lil more to hopefully keep it growing through the final stages.. last night drenched NPK Kelp... Tonight is foliar of compost tea... Here is "The Sarge"
Friday, July 22 View Page
Here is "McGovern"
Friday, July 22 View Page
Plants.... Not going to win any beauty contests... But mainly healthy and hopefully can keep it that way...
Friday, July 22 View Page
Other plant
Monday, August 1 View Page
Here is the McGovern 'kin... 1st measurement tonight was 143"OTT for est 73lbs... This one (2269 Haist) has much better plant behind it, and I'm really thinking that this will wind up being the bigger pumpkin.... Time will tell... This plant started slow... But man.... It has really filled in nicely... Leaves are massive!!!!
Monday, August 1 View Page
My nephew with one of the sunflowers...
Monday, August 1 View Page
The Sarge doesn't have the best plant behind it...(missing a few side vines). But should still be a decent sized pumpkin for these parts... Saturday night taping 208lbs avg 15lbs a day the past week... Hoping to ramp it up a lil more
Sunday, August 7 View Page
So the Sarge was measured last night taping 244" OTT for est 335 lbs... Up 127 for the week at 31DAP... Avg 18 lbs a day....
Sunday, August 7 View Page
The McGovern 'kin will be measured tomorrow... I'm really excited for this one....


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