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Wednesday, February 2 View Page
Happy New Years and happy Ground Hog day. If there were ground hogs in England, he would definitely have seen his shadow. It feels like spring and some daffodils have been blooming for a few weeks already. I will be growing a few of the crosses I made last year. This is one of my favorites. Seeds are available if anyone is interested.
Wednesday, February 2 View Page
Another great orange cross.
Wednesday, February 2 View Page
I may grow a couple more big and orange ones if I have the space. 471 Wagler is 1542 Ureņa x 2261 Schmit 756 Leach is 97 Ressel x 1501 VanderWielen
Monday, March 21 View Page
And these are my "big" seeds. I only plan to grow one big one so it will be tough competition for the prime spot. Thanks to the generous growers who share their seeds.
Monday, March 21 View Page
And finally, a couple of crosses I made last year. Fingers crossed they will produce orange. All my patches will be no-till and 100% organic/regenerative, just like last year.
Monday, April 4 View Page
First seeds started. 100% germination.
Tuesday, April 12 View Page
Not sure which is the best one yet. Most of them look alright.
Thursday, April 14 View Page
Some of them have a deformed first true leaf but others look normal (same potting mix, same environmental conditions). Anyone have a clue what might be the cause or if the deformed ones are alright to use?
Tuesday, May 3 View Page
Selection has been made. The chosen plant is the 210 Hochstetler 2020 (2183.7 Mendi x 2183.9 Paton). The 1490 Leach was a close runner up and I will still grow that one as a pollinator.
Friday, May 13 View Page
Main vine is laying down nicely and has outgrown the mini greenhouse. After one more night in the 40's it is supposed to warm up with lows of 50 and highs up to70. That's about as good summer weather ask we could ask for in England.
Saturday, May 14 View Page
The 210 from the other side 1 day later. Just slightly ahead of where we were last year at this time.
Saturday, May 28 View Page
Got to show the good, the bad and the ugly. This is the latter. Some nights have been as low as 39 degrees so I tried to cover the plant with a big plastic sheet. However, I didn't take it off soon enough in the morning and I think some of the leaves got scorched. The plant as a whole is fine.
Saturday, May 28 View Page
First female with 8 or 9 secondaries behind it on each side. Probably not the keeper though.
Saturday, June 4 View Page
View from the back of the plant. My mini greenhouses are quite small and had to come off a while ago, but they make a nice wind break and probably increase the temperature by a couple degrees.
Sunday, June 5 View Page
From the front of the plant. Secondaries are taking off and I'm going away for a few days so I moved the barriers back a bit. Weather has been cool, dismal and rainy but there is some sun ahead.
Sunday, June 12 View Page
This plant is strange. It has 2 or even 3 secondaries coming out of some of the leaf nodes. Is this a blessing or a curse? Should I cull the extras? I'm toying with the idea of dead-heading the main just beyond the pumpkin and training out the 2 secondaries perpendicular to the main and running the tertiaries forward pitchfork style.
Wednesday, June 15 View Page
Pollinated the hopeful keeper today. 210 Hochstetler x 523 Hochstetler. We have four "hot" days ahead and then back to warm days and cool nights.
Sunday, June 19 View Page
I picked my broad beans today and one of them was just 5 grams short of the world record! World record is 106 grams and this one was 101 grams. Another one was 88 grams. I'll have to try that variety again next year!
Wednesday, June 22 View Page
Definitely the weirdest female flower I've seen.
Saturday, June 25 View Page
210 at 10 DAP. Very small, but definitely set.
Sunday, June 26 View Page
989 Wagler is my chosen squash of the year. The first several females have been attached to the leaf but I plan to grow it anyways.
Saturday, July 2 View Page
Here is the 210 at 17 DAP, probably the smallest DAP 17 pumpkin I've ever had. This plant has all kinds of issues (ribbon vines, self terminating secondaries etc.) and has all but stopped growing, so no PB this year, unless something changes drastically. Couldn't ask for much better weather at the moment.
Wednesday, July 13 View Page
My 210 (at 28 DAP) is coming a long nice, and picking a bit of golden color along the way. The warm sunny weather we are having is great, but I don't have the plant to take advantage of it.
Monday, July 18 View Page
Here is the 989 Wagler at 29 DAP. Not huge but it will still be a PB.
Tuesday, July 19 View Page
As well as I green, we've got some orange coming along. This is the 495 Ressel. Thanks Patryk for the seeds. Today has been the hottest day on record in the UK ever. The pumpkins are loving it!
Wednesday, July 20 View Page
A new PB tomato at 6.06 lbs. (2.750 kg. x 2.205). It had a 25" circumference so it was just a little bit heavier than estimated (est. 5.5 lbs.). This was from some Domingo seeds I saved from last year.
Wednesday, July 20 View Page
"Golgy" (210) is coming along OK but won't set any records. I love the color though.
Monday, August 1 View Page
Huge field pumpkin flowers.
Wednesday, August 3 View Page
Now at 43 DAP.
Wednesday, August 3 View Page
And a huge field pumpkin (22 DAP). This is from the 115 pounder we grew last year. So far it hasn't split
Wednesday, August 3 View Page
Looks like I managed to not upload the photo for my August 3rd post. Here is "Golgy" at 43 DAP.


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