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Monday, June 6 View Page
Started Wolf 2365 on 4/14
Monday, June 6 View Page
2365 wolf on may 10th
Monday, June 6 View Page
Wolf 2365 on may 17th. He is starting to run in the wrong direction. I can never seem to get that right.
Monday, June 6 View Page
2365 Wolf again. May 30th. Starting to take off. I usually start under a 4 by8 hoop house. This guy out grew it so I built a 8by 9 and had to make it longer. It has been pretty cold here. This year I am going to try something different and keep the hoop house over the plant for a wind break. Ever year I suffer so much wind damage. I hope it helps. We will see.
Monday, June 6 View Page
2365 Wolf. June 5th. The plant is now roughly 17 feet wide by 18 feet long. I am starting to get a little damage do to cucumber beetles so I used a little 7 dust. Also burned 3 leaves with too much nitrogen. I am also laying boards out to give me an area to walk with out packing the soil. Hopefully this will keep the weeds in check later in the season. ??????
Thursday, June 23 View Page
This is a pic of my patch from the upstairs if my building. I pollinated my 2365 on 6/14/2022. That is the one with the plastic hoop house in the middle of it. For reference the hoop house is roughly 8 by 15. My plants get beat up by the wind every year so I am going to try leaving the house on this year. The other plants in the back (left) is a 2091 pollinated on 6/18 doing good. The one on the right is a 1982 pollinated on 6/17, but doing so great, planted really beat up by the wind and I over did it with some chemicals and something is going on. ?????? praying it recovers. Still trying to figure this thing out. Haha.
Sunday, July 10 View Page
Trying a few new things this year. Leaving my temporary hoop house over the core of the plant. I have it up on 3 blocks so the secondary vines can sprawl. Then I am putting pieces of plywood in between the secondary vines, helping in weed control and keeps me from smashing the roots. At least that is the hope. Plant is over 50 feet wide. I finally decided to do tests with western labs. My soil and tissue test came back pretty bad with tons of disease and low in nitrates. I am doing everything to try to remedy the prob. Hopefully I will be able to correct the problem before it is too late. The picture is the Roth side of plant.
Sunday, July 10 View Page
South side of 2365 wolf.


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