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Monday, April 11 View Page
Happy growing season for 2022. I got my soil tested and here's the result. Biggest lesson is do not add anything until you get your soil tested. I added boron last fall, and it is off the charts. 24 ppm to be exact. The high-end should be 6. So we'll see how this pans out.
Wednesday, April 13 View Page
And many things to Richmond Dave for showing me the Langley calculations for soil amendment. He also Supply me with the fertilizer. Thank 5 lb epson, .2 lb copper, 1.8 lb manganese sulfite, 6.5lb SOP and 3 lb Urea.
Wednesday, April 13 View Page
I've decided to hand turn the patch this year with the Amendments added. I also dug a deep hole and filled it full of manure below the stump, as a heat source.
Saturday, April 16 View Page
Thanks Dave. I did well with the 1043 a few years ago. Tonight is full moon. Seeds shaved and soak in humic als EM.
Tuesday, April 19 View Page
The 1043's did not germinate. Shaved two more 43's and are on fridge. The 1379's are off.......
Monday, May 23 View Page
What slow, cold, wet spring. Transplanted today. Kept one in the garage Under The Lights for backup.
Friday, June 24 View Page
This was my back up. The leaves turned yellow past 5 days and over the past two days it wilted and died. But it's still striving to produce new growth. I suspect there is too much boron.
Friday, June 24 View Page
However, the main plant is doing great. There's a female on it about 6 feet out. Hopefully the weather holds. Today was the first day over 22 degrees all year......
Sunday, July 10 View Page
Return from San Diego to this thing. Buried vines, sprayed 4 aphids, and one female about 6.5' out I suspect open yesterday. No males out, I hope the bees stay busy.
Thursday, July 14 View Page
Open pollinated on the 14th. This one is ideal. 11' out and great position. I have a optimism for this plant. Overall growing fast and healthy considering the slow start to the season.
Sunday, July 24 View Page
Can't get one to stick. All aborting. I cut off all fertilizer. Flushed the patch for 6 hours. Now it will receive nothing until one will grow. The female with the clip was pollinated on the 20th. The last one on the main was today.


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