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Tuesday, January 11 View Page
For me, one of the most beautiful pumpkins that seed 2183 has produced, along with 2517,7 . cut by Poti with 88 days, I think it could have been more than 2000 pounds with 20 more days of fattening. This seed is available at Anoka's Friday auction. Lot 37 Poti - 1824 Poti 2021 (2183 x 2183)
Thursday, January 13 View Page
5 years Annabel on the pumpkin!! 2010 at 2015 was not poisble. the pumpkins was very small lol
Tuesday, February 8 View Page
Spain Weigh off Prizes- 10 september 2022.
Tuesday, March 15 View Page
I have treated my greenhouse with 15 bottles of 25 liters (about 100 gallons) of hydrogen peroxide at 30 and 50%. With 2% concentration using dosatron. In the photo there are only 9 bottles, because I used 6 to store cheap diesel for my Kubota... lol... I did soil analysis in January, it had several pathogens, the analysis was with pcr technique. In a few days, when the floor dries, I'll do a new analysis, and I'll know if the peroxide has disinfected the floor. I added it dripping, most of it, and the rest with nebulization to thoroughly disinfect the entire greenhouse. According to the canna technicians I spoke with, peroxide is very effective for disinfecting, but you have to wet everything very well, to a good depth. now before I put the 2 watermelons, I will colonize the soil with beneficial bacteria and fungi. The cost? about 700$, very expensive, yes...but it is more expensive to spend a season without planting anything, in the times we live in, with such an uncertain future, we have to do what we like, it is good for the body and the mind.
Wednesday, May 18 View Page
I am not able to stop growing, this is a vice, I germinated seeds for my father, and in the end, in addition to watermelons, field pumpkins, tomatoes, in the end I grow pumpkins. 1885 for the 150 foot contest. Growing a pumpkin in 150 feet gives little work, in less than a month it is all buried.
Wednesday, May 18 View Page
206 monfort (302 x self) the only plant that took the graft well. Of 10 plants only 1, I must learn more from the guys from Kentucky. The grafted pattern is Tetsukabuto F1. I am very happy with this plant, the other watermelon is Vial, without grafting. 12 days left to germinate the Field pumpkins.
Sunday, May 22 View Page
150 feet contest. in the rules it says that you have to put a 355 ml bottle, my favorites are Lagunitas beers, from California. I put 2 in the photo just in case. You also have to put a complete photo when the main guide is about 8 feet. my patch for 150 feet, in meters is 3.23 meters x 4.27 = 13.79 meters, 148.3 feet. I hope I don't miss the 1.7 feet at the end. LOL
Sunday, May 22 View Page
Other photo 150 feet. 1885 werner. I hope I don't regret it, and remove the boards to make 1000 feet. hahaha But I am very excited to grow this, I will get good genetics and it has little work.
Sunday, May 22 View Page
the plant on the right is my pollinator, 2183. It's a shame to spend a 2183 just to pollinate, but I want to make that cross.
Monday, June 6 View Page
1885 werner in 150 feet, first pumpkin at 7,5 feet of hole.
Monday, June 6 View Page
I am pruning the secundaries, to stop the plant, later I will grow tertiary and quaternary, to cover the 150 fee
Wednesday, June 8 View Page
150 feet contest. Dap 10 Now I have read the rules, and I put a photo of the pumpkin and it plants dap 10. yesterday it was dap 9, it did not meet the rules of the contest lol
Wednesday, June 8 View Page
150 feet contest dap 10 plant 1885 Pumpkin 1885 x 2183
Monday, June 27 View Page
150 feet dap 30. I lost the main vine, the pumpkin only grow now with the secundaries.
Tuesday, June 28 View Page
1885 x 2183 dap 30


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