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Wednesday, February 23 View Page
Starting off the 2022 season with an additional 1000 sq foot raised bed. Going for 3 plants this year. Good luck to everyone this season, I hope you all grow a big one.
Sunday, March 13 View Page
I have taken down the Mustard cover crop and spread amendments on the entire patch. Next I added earthworm castings and compost to the planting area.
Sunday, March 13 View Page
12 cu feet of perlite added to the planting area.
Sunday, March 13 View Page
There is something satisfying about fresh tilled earth, it makes me happy.
Sunday, April 10 View Page
Seed starting began Friday.
Sunday, April 10 View Page
After soaking in paper towel overnight on a heating pad the seeds are placed in Black Gold seedling mix. I use a pump sprayer with seaweed and Essential to moisten the soil evenly after mixing in Root shield, Azos and mycorrhizae. Line up this year is: 2356 Booth, 2702 Cutrupi and the 2030 Kisamore. Good luck to everyone one in 2022.
Sunday, April 10 View Page
Weed block went down last week along with 2/3 of the drip lines and the misting system was extended into the new section. Last night I filled the nutrient tank with compost tea and a new microbial inoculation, it was drained through the drip system to jump start the bacteria in the soil.
Wednesday, April 13 View Page
Hoop houses went up on 4/13
Thursday, April 14 View Page
The 2030 Kissamore and the 2702 Cutrupi on 4/14.
Saturday, April 16 View Page
Using a light meter app to determine the amount of light in the hoop house. The reading taken under fluorescent was around 2800 Lux. Taking a reading in direct sunlight is 6800 Lux, a little much for seedlings.
Sunday, April 17 View Page
I put the seedlings in the hoop house as soon as I can for a few hours a day, increasing the amount time a little bit every day and bringing them in at night.
Monday, April 18 View Page
In the ground on 4/18, 10 or so days earlier then last year. The amendments in the photo were sprinkled into the hole and once the seedlings were in the ground they were watered in with Essential, Orca and rooting hormones. 2-3 gallons per seedling. The 2030 Kissamore is what is in the photo.
Saturday, April 23 View Page
5 days after transplanting on 4/23. They are double planted 2í apart and back to back 5í apart. 2030 Kissamore in the front and my 2356 Booth in the back. There is a heater for the nights in the the low 40ís, fan for hot days, well every day here. The fan and heater are both on thermostats and I open the ends of the hoop house before work and close it up in the evening. Wireless moisture meter and thermometer keep and eye on things, both are low tech but helpful.
Tuesday, April 26 View Page
I made a batch of compost tea and added some of the ingredients in the photo and a little Azos. After adding the tea to all 5 plants I added a few gallons of 5:2 Humic Seaweed to each plant.
Saturday, April 30 View Page
The 2702 Cutrupi on 4/30.
Sunday, May 1 View Page
2030 Kissamore in the back and my 2356 in front on 5/1.
Monday, May 2 View Page
The 2030 Kissamore in front and the 2356 Booth in the back. Applied Neptunesís Harvest and Essential at 1 Oz per gallon on 5/2. The smell gets stuck in the weed fabric and when I opened the hoop house the next morning it almost knocked me out.
Sunday, May 8 View Page
There was a clear winner of the two 2030 Kissamores, culled on 5/8 and then applied 5:2 Humic/Seaweed to all plants.
Monday, May 9 View Page
Still no clear winner on 5/9 for the 2 2356.
Wednesday, May 11 View Page
The hoop house on the left has a space heater and the one on the right has a heat lamp and 2 heat mats and to keep it a little warmer I threw blankets and tarps over them to keep the heat in. On 5/10 and 5/11 it was 34 outside and around 50 in the hoop houses.
Sunday, May 15 View Page
Here is the 2030 Kissamore after a section of weed block was removed from under the main and amendments were added, Azos, root shield and mycorrhizae.
Sunday, May 15 View Page
Same treatment for my 2356.
Sunday, May 15 View Page
The 2030 Kissamore with chicken wire and 30% shade fabric over the main vine tip to protect from critters and sun damage.
Sunday, May 15 View Page
The 2702 Cutrupi with 2 nodes of the main vine amended and buried.
Thursday, May 19 View Page
My 2356 on May 19th. Most of the damage was caused by the plastic being ripped off and thrashing around. The temps for several days were in the high 80ís and normally I would have removed the plastic from the hoop house but with the wind forecasted at 25-60 mph I chose to leave it up with sides and ends open, further cooling provided by misters and fans. Probably should have removed the plastic completely.
Friday, May 20 View Page
Hoop house down and silt fence goes up to block the winds which have been relentless. This is the windiest time of year but it has been worse then years past.
Monday, May 23 View Page
The 2702 on Monday May 22, she had the least amount damage as her hoop house remained intact but with the ends and sides open for the heat she got trashed. I gave all the plants some Neptunes harvest and Quantum biologicals.
Tuesday, May 24 View Page
Started burying vines on Tuesday. I cut out an 8-12Ē strip out of the weed block to expose the soil, amendments are added dirt piled on top. The 2030 Kisamore in front and my 2356 in the back.
Sunday, May 29 View Page
The 2702 yesterday around the 10í mark, recovering nicely from the wind damage.
Sunday, May 29 View Page
Another view of the 2702. I am moving the foggers around as the plant grows to keep the last 2-3í of all the vine tips from overheating. The foggers are 3 gph with 1/4Ē tubbing zip tied to bamboo sticks. The timer for the foggers will turn them on for 30-40 seconds every 3-5 minutes depending on how hot it gets. After having ice on my walking boards 2 weeks ago, then high winds and 88 degrees and 2 days at 99-100 last week.
Sunday, May 29 View Page
Double tap roots on the main of the 2030 Kisamore.
Sunday, May 29 View Page
The 2030 Kisamore on the left and my 2356 on the right. 10í and 12í mains respectively.
Sunday, May 29 View Page
Taking advantage of the cool weather for a long overdue treatment for insects and disease, brought out the back pack sprayer for the first time this season. Usually I spray 2 weeks before the plant gets this size but yesterday and most importantly tomorrow are cool and cloudy. I have to run the foggers most of the season which will wash off the treatment so I need 2 consecutive days of temps in the 70ís when Iím not running the foggers. Iím using the Bayer 3 in 1 Insect Disease and mite spray, it has a contact and systemic pesticides and fungicides, itís the only product I use but later in the season I will add Sonota or Serenade to the mix as biological fungicide.
Sunday, May 29 View Page
Cutting out the weed block to burry vines. Most of the time I cut a strip for each secondary but sometimes I cut an extra wide strip for 2 secondaries depending on the plant grows. Some plants secondaries are close together and some are further apart. You can see the wind damage on the 2702.
Sunday, May 29 View Page
Vine tip of the first secondary on my 2356.


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