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Saturday, May 7 View Page
I've returned to growing after 2020 (lost plants to hail in June and switched to cover crops) and 2021 (cover crops). The patch hasn't grown a giant since 2019 and has had 3 crops of rye, 4 crops of mustard and 1 crop of buckwheat. I am growing the 2365 wolf and the 906 wolf. I have my 832 (16), 1579(18) and 1462 (19) as backups that just sprouted a few days ago. I will also have a LG and some giant and regular FP's as well as sunflowers. Hopefully the 2 years off and cover crops will have rested and replenished the soil enough to make a good run this year.
Friday, May 20 View Page
2365 and 906 wolf both suffered from "something" starting over the past weekend, never had anything like this but we had temps in the high 80's most of the week. Planted May 6th they did fine all last week despite temps, some wilting that responded to watering. I think the issue may have been cooler nights and maybe too much water ?. Sunscald was evident monday morning, very clear skies and hot last sun, cold frames were vented. The leaves yellowed and displayed magnesium deficiency and new growth was yellow. So they each received a tonic of fish/kelp blend, epsom salt, manganese, ca nitrate, soluble kelp. 1/2 gallon per plant yesterday and today. 2365 looks better (its about a 7-10 days younger than the 906) the 906 has less improvement but its a bigger plant.
Sunday, May 22 View Page
Been dealing with an issue since last week monday. Patch has not been grown in since 2019, multiple cover crops past 2 years. Tilled, heat cables cold frames...planted May 6th 2365 wolf, 906 wolf. Plants were fine May 6th to May 13-14th. I then noticed the 16th sun scald/burn but then the plants started yellowing. 1st pic here is the 906 today, still looks poor, new growth is yellow streaked and some curling. May have overwatered but I dont think so, no more than usual, the big difference was the strong heat last week through sunday
Sunday, May 22 View Page
2365 looks much better but basically the same issue as teh 906, plant was younger/smaller so it may have been affected less.
Friday, June 3 View Page
Plants have issues, soil test came back indicating essentially toxic soil with high salt levels and other very high levels in the cold frame areas. Resampled from different areas outside of the cold frame spaces where I didnt add anything still waiting on results. If salt is still high in these areas could be from winter ice melt as the patch is next to the driveway, but that was never an issue in 10 prior years of growing. If levels are normal in the new samples then its something i did in the cold frame spaces. Boron came back toxic at 36ppm which must have been a hot spot from where i sprinkled it in and it was just a sprinkle. Borax has Na in it as does kelp meal but that should not have raised the ECe to 3.6. NA up to 322. Pulled the 906 today. 2365 looks ok but sides are slow though it has been cool here the past few days. watering the empty space to start leeching.


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