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Saturday, March 26 View Page
Beautiful day, afternoon pumpkin break time.
Saturday, March 26 View Page
Till time!
Saturday, March 26 View Page
Garden 1
Saturday, March 26 View Page
Garden 2
Saturday, March 26 View Page
Garden 3
Friday, April 15 View Page
Started our seeds for 2022 on 4/15. Here is a photo of them soaking in a lite solution of seaweed before putting them in the incubator. Growing four plants this year.
Saturday, April 16 View Page
Little break in pumpkins, standing in the N0-Lie beer line at the Eric Church concert in Spokane Wa.
Saturday, April 23 View Page
Started 8 seeds on Good Friday using the zip lock baggie method Dani and I have been perfecting for many years. 8 for 8 germinated on Easter Sunday. Here the are today enjoying a nice sunny day at the edge of the patch.
Tuesday, April 26 View Page
First feeding of the seedlings. Photo is after a week shot of Neptunes 'niagara' fish fertilizer 3 hours later. Reminds me of paps '"Wedding Night" post the other day. LoL love ya pap!
Monday, May 30 View Page
150 square foot patch for 2022. Measures 12' wide by 12' 6" long. In the spurit of 150 square feet I made sure the clotch was included inside the perimiter of the 150 sqft area. It would have been adventagious to go over the boundrys with the clotch.
Monday, May 30 View Page
Humm, hope this photo showes all 4 corners of our 150 patch. The Blue Bird babies in the bird house are almost ready to fledge so i was distracted... lol
Monday, May 30 View Page
Been the coldest in over 100 years here in NE Washington! Record set for latest ever 70 degree day! Not looming good for our hopes ot a WR this year.
Saturday, July 2 View Page
Here is a look at our 150 plant its a 2350 Gienger, I named it Lazarus because I killed it early this spring when a space heater in its greenhouse malfunctioned and cooked it. I dug it up and put it back under the grow lights and after four days it sent out a new leaf. Its been a poor season so far with the wettest coldest spring in over a century! Wish I had the new greenhouses done sooner but it is what it is. Still hoping to be competitive this fall.
Friday, July 15 View Page
Here is a pic of our 150 plant (2350 Gienger x 1501 Vanderweilen). The baby punkin is already looking very orange with a classic barrel shape! In our 12' 6" x 12' patch design we start in the corner and bend the main around the perimiter to maximize the side vine length and number. So much fun in such a small space!
Friday, July 15 View Page
Here's the latest pic of our 150 plant
Wednesday, July 27 View Page
Photo of our Gienger 150 sqft plant a couple of days ago. Its all filled in but we left several secondaries grow to fill in for the fried leaves we are getting during this record heat wave. Going to be a very orange fruit if we can get her to the scales!


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