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Friday, April 8 View Page
Trying to grow something this year is already a challenge. Work, weather, hoops, kids and now soil Knats. Going to try to clean all containers this weekend so I do not move them to my grow beds outside.
Friday, April 15 View Page
One of my State Fair onions in a 20 gallon pot. I have 4 about this size but not as long necked.
Friday, April 15 View Page
This is the long one.
Thursday, May 19 View Page
Getting closer, can't wait.
Thursday, May 19 View Page
Plant will fill in fast now, burying vines full force.
Thursday, May 19 View Page
Kohlrabi coming along.
Thursday, May 19 View Page
Onions doing okay after the extreme heat.
Sunday, May 22 View Page
My Fair plant in my large pot I made last year that's 20 x 30 ft in size that has no native soil on it. It seams to be working okay so far with its first pollination coming this week .
Sunday, May 22 View Page
Some of my onions coming along.
Sunday, May 29 View Page
2 days old.
Tuesday, May 31 View Page
This photo is from last fall. Everyyear I lose my plants to soil disease. I try all kinds of fungicides, I have used mustard, solorized. So I am trying this. Dug out a 20 x 30 ft. Area rolledout plastic and filled with sand, plant compost, manure compost, core, peat and other amendments. NO SOIL. The area is very spongy and does not compact easily. If this works I will try it on a larger area next year.
Tuesday, May 31 View Page
Here is my Wolf plant last weekend doing very well and the plant should be about as big as it can get in 20 days. Pumpkin is 4 days old today. I may add bug screen if they increase but so far they have not been bad.
Wednesday, June 1 View Page
2365 Wolf on the mat day 5.
Monday, June 6 View Page
Day 10 25 inches cir. And happy with it so far.
Friday, June 10 View Page
2365 Wolf x self day12.
Friday, June 17 View Page
2365 Wolf day 20 with Lucas.


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