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Saturday, February 19 View Page
Happy 1st baby fred
Thursday, March 10 View Page
Planted lettuce rosemary mint basil in this spot protected from snow hopefully
Friday, March 11 View Page
It's early but we made this poster for st Patrick's day
Saturday, March 12 View Page
Covered crop with potting soil to protect from cold
Monday, March 14 View Page
Moon sand play ground
Monday, March 14 View Page
At parade still playing in dirt
Thursday, March 17 View Page
Leprechaun fertilizer
Thursday, March 17 View Page
Leprechaun traps
Thursday, March 17 View Page
Put row of atlantic giant pumpkin seeds (size of trike red/orange got from Fred Meyers north division grocery) in wet paper towel in plastic bag on oven. I did this with carrot seeds, and mammoth sunflower seeds as well.
Thursday, March 17 View Page
Very windy! Awhile ago I placed rock shaped paver stones on potting soil on plant starts mint, basil, rosemary, & butter lettuce. Daughter placed windmill rainbow in that spot too.
Thursday, March 17 View Page
Took seeds out of paper towels and zipped bags. Then put in trays of water. I soaked them while did leprechaun clean up. Pumpkin and sunflower dehusked tonight. Then back to water. Sunflower seeds doing clam opening. Need a lot of prayer for sprouting.
Thursday, March 17 View Page
Surgery yesterday St. Patrick's Day winding down spring cleaning started did gutter clean up used debris as mulch topping
Monday, March 21 View Page
Tipped out carrot seeds accidentally while they were perched on this pot holder a couple days ago. Not feeling good so to cheer myself up I YouTubed Robin Williams "golf" sketch. Was wondering what a version of him talking about BP would sound like.
Monday, March 21 View Page
Took zoom class couple weeks ago from library. Contact: Kurt Madison WSU extension master gardener volunteer contact info: http://mastergardener.wsu.edu/ http://facebook.com/WSUMGProgram asked if the rhubarb a neighbor cut down to the dirt would come back he said yes. Also got info on some times of planting.
Monday, March 21 View Page
WSU class April slide: early in month start tomatoes, peppers, & eggplant. Plant out onion sets, rhubarb, asparagus, & Jerusalem artichokes. Soil work amendments etc. prepare planting holes. Late in the month start cucumbers, melon, & squash seedlings. (This goes with the GPC zoom conference where a lot of big growers were saying start pumpkins April 12-15th.) Plant radishes (my seeds were duds so I just now saved the bottom roots of ones I cut and stored in screw top container with water from store), peas, chives, lettuce, & spinach. Cold season seedlings can plant out. Pot up or on more tender seedlings as needed.
Wednesday, March 23 View Page
Excited pumpkin seeds are opening in water.
Thursday, March 24 View Page
Time to plant corn "When the oak leaves are the size of a mouses ear," kids are learning Thanksgiving history with the aide of Charlie Brown video.
Friday, March 25 View Page
Skagit festival last year daddy's 590# pumpkin
Friday, March 25 View Page
Seeds were doing are from this pumpkin weíll call it fred 2021
Friday, March 25 View Page
Boys at Puyallup fair last year
Monday, March 28 View Page
Last fall
Friday, April 1 View Page
WSU garden in salkum wa at library
Tuesday, April 5 View Page
Sunday, April 10 View Page
"Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise." "The early bird gets the worm." "The sun will come out tomorrow..."Groundhog said 6 more weeks of winter so springs May 7th sounds about right near U.S.A.'s mothers day of mid may. So still got time but this winters got me down struggling to even want to continue. My seeds not doing good, but have been making strawberry freezer jam.
Monday, April 11 View Page
Took kids to indoor egg hunt yesterday left early was hailing
Monday, April 11 View Page
Cold supposed to be 27 degrees tonight
Wednesday, April 13 View Page
Tossed mushy pumpkin seeds 2 of 10 soaked started to show germination. It's a good thing just practicing with the Fred 2021 seeds. I soaked them wayyy to long. Got alot of good advice from answered question I put on message board. Think I might try again on May day file side's with fine grit sandpaper not tip, then soaking in seaweed water. Next on heat pad in soil in egg cartons in sushi container. Don't have grow light or thermometer so they'll probably take longer to show up. Then if they sprout will plant when my helper comes back around mothers day/ his birthday. Tossed sunflower seeds too, but carrot ones are hardy finally got some showing germination. Helps that was unable to remove their shell/husks like I did the big pumpkin and sunflower ones.
Thursday, April 14 View Page
Strawberry plants, freezer jam, & garden edging, fun never ends, and the bliss of not having an ex cussing and belittling me, just positive vibes here need to get cilantro may 5th is just around the corner, what's a good ant for star wars day?
Thursday, April 14 View Page
Lol plant not ant ideas for star wars day lol love that auto correct no red would be the emperor soldiers as my brother told my son who wore a jacket from gma, my help didn't care he likes red, but I don't want red ants or black ones. Ideas for plants maybe star fruit for star wars day.
Thursday, April 14 View Page
I got sunshine on a cloudy day, must be getting more sun as being titled ďLukeís MomĒ Iíve noticed him getting more freckles, ground hog has his ways of telling weather Iíve got mine. Loving that kids cheesy smile.
Saturday, April 16 View Page
Seedstarter mix Fred Meyers $10 16cu ft. Grower bulb like a regular light bulb but a 3watt north 40degrees store $10. Started to get more stuff but waiting on approval from owners of MHC for raised beds Iíve got some nails and wood I can make it from broken pantry cupboard, but the black gold ultimate outdoor dirt was $10 a big bag at Fred Meyers and it says 8 bags fill 144 sq ft. Crop blanket cover there was $10 3íx 50í to maybe keep wind from blowing dirt away, can put x through it over plant. It was looking crazy how expensive all this is so I backed off. A green house which isnít approved for where I live was $140 for a 6íx4íx6í. So glad I called kids Gma and manager before I went nuts. Got three in diapers thatís where the money goes.
Sunday, April 17 View Page
Happy Easter, pink full moon this weekend spring is coming
Monday, April 18 View Page
Helper got to see him, heard from him on Sunday. When defending goal he said ď not todayĒ to ball. Took little kids to IHop didnít realize till waiting that op was eyes and nose with red line as smile. Short trip, gotta make a long one tomorrow thinking might start seeds today so I leave them alone and donít dig up to check their progress while gone to kids gmas.
Monday, April 18 View Page
Looks like me and kiddos will try growing a ta mater wish us lucky charms luck the sweet kind not the posing nude getting lucky kind.
Monday, April 18 View Page
Lucky charms picture didn't post earlier
Saturday, April 23 View Page
6 soaked no germination. Mineral wa fishing derby today 12:01am to 12:30pm. So plant seed of corn in mounds then put fish on top, that's how the Indians taught settlers apparently. So fish season starting farmers go fishing get some plant fertilizer.
Tuesday, April 26 View Page
Easter egg gravy recipe on message board.
Thursday, April 28 View Page
Egg gravy picture didn't post earlier
Sunday, May 1 View Page
True love
Friday, May 20 View Page
Tried to soak another set of 5 seeds again just scraped sides with finger nail cross your fingers for germination
Tuesday, May 24 View Page
sling shot method of waiting for seeds to germinate
Monday, June 13 View Page
Got some purple potatoes planted it big pots just a few for each with a basil planted on top of 3 of them.. Have a tomato planted in window garden box along with mint and something else I got from farmers market that sprouts tall. No luck on starting seeds, just tossed last attempt.
Saturday, June 25 View Page
Getting dryer gotta water more. Give kids campfire snacks, And get seeds to start, this will be my try to get seeds to start trial and error time I suppose. Picked up more from seed library just gotta find them in the Bermuda trunk.
Saturday, June 25 View Page
Getting dryer gotta water more. Give kids campfire snacks, And get seeds to start, this will be my try to get seeds to start trial and error time I suppose. Picked up more from seed library just gotta find them in the Bermuda trunk.
Saturday, July 2 View Page
Rhubarb grew back great gave to a few neighbors I didn't want to make anything this year outta it too down
Monday, July 4 View Page
Got some pepper plants one with a bud supposed to get really big. Might make some pepper jelly when grown if I'm not down. I'll Pick up a couple sunflower plants today and some tomato cages for them. Ill pick up pregnancy test too.
Monday, July 4 View Page
Peppers planted raised garden containers in sunshine spaced around perimeter. Yay not pregnant good with 5. Youngest 16months had november covid 2020 when pregnant we both survived other kids not get it thank God. Transplanted tomato plant with peppers hope it
Monday, July 4 View Page
Hope all the pups and vets made it through the 4th ok
Thursday, July 14 View Page
Got lots of varieties of tomatoes been watering with shower head sprinkler on hose. Purple potatoes are flourishing. Sunflowers got a couple lines ones popping. Thinking of bringing some plants inside to protect during next hot 10days.
Thursday, July 14 View Page
Kids are awesome we potted chives, marjoram, cabbage, & spearmint. Still gotta figure out tomatoes. Gotta be gone for a few days so thinking about leaving them in kiddies pool as a raised garden.
Saturday, July 16 View Page
Found lots of big pumpkin weigh off sites sent some of the entry dates to my kids dad. I won't enter this year for anything I think I do have sunflowers and alot of tomatoes but nothing record breaking. Never could get my pumpkin seeds to start. Think I'll homeschool this year and let kids experiment.
Saturday, July 30 View Page
Mt. Rainer on the way home, watering plants raised tomatoes beds eith hose,, nd potted plants with empty bottles inverted to slow release water it's great but with this heat plants are sucking it all up alot faster one plant didn't that had larger bottle then little pot could suck up but rest I watered with hose and filled water bottles, picked up a cooling bed for puppy, took kids to splash pool after seeing gpa.
Sunday, July 31 View Page
Love this little spokane river, stay cool!
Monday, August 8 View Page
Well got tomatoes but nothing dropped two or 3 off one stem so not giants but yum flavorful


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