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Tuesday, February 9 View Page
Hello fellow growers! Long time no see... lots to update... some of you probably thought I left for good... just bad news came last fall... cancer... leukaemia to be exact... my sisters husband, brother in law. The worst is not over... the financial strain and big time sickness begins after his stem cell transplant this weekend. Praying it takes. They have a son, my 11 year old nephew. Ourselves weíve had corona exposures 4 times, tho only twice was it scary because I knew how close my kids got to them. Cancer and Covid donít mesh well... keeps us more isolated than ever. So I have a favor to ask or a request :) anyone want to sell me some orange type pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds? Going to be growing with a friend locally here. For the pumpkin seeds I donít need a 2k lbr lol, but I do want a big one this time around :) I donít know much about growing sunflowers but I know are good growing here and are good for the patch. Fun fact: I live in the warmest city in Canada... yearly average. Warmest spring too... so I can start my pumpkins sooner than later :) Send me a message about seeds if you got some that fit the bill.... appreciate it!!!!
Friday, February 12 View Page
Wind storm tonight blew over my neighbor balcony planter that smashed the roof overhang and launched itself off to middle of the road. Itís a block of ice like 1foot thick by foot wide. What sucks? They have another one still on the balcony and where will that one launch itself. The wind is that strong to launch these things over. -18c ó soooo not planting weather lol. Ground is so hard I canít even get a shovel into it. Snow expected Saturday into Monday... not sure what day is going to be worse. Warms up a tad after that. Rain into frozen solid ground isnít a good thing tho lol.
Wednesday, March 31 View Page
Creating a raised planter the length of fence (19ft) to hopefully keep the mole issue at bay (canít catch the sucker yet). Once the other planter is created I will cover it for a greenhouse effect to be able to plant by end of month. Hoping a pumpkin grows inside but if it grows out of the box so be it :) Amendments going in by next week (compost manure). Going bigger this year and excited!
Sunday, April 11 View Page
Got them ready - need to add amendments and tarp (my greenhouse) but that being said weather is going to be 18-24c daytime rest of the week. Nights will need tarp at 5c. Soil will be warm enough this week tho for planting. Adding mushroom compost mid week then good to go! How you all decide on which seeds to use and if cross pollination or self, is a mind numbing brain tease. I still canít decide lol! Doing two plants and whichever does best is my baby I guess and the other can be pollinator or tilled.
Monday, April 12 View Page
Look at our beautiful weather upcoming :)


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