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Wednesday, March 24 View Page
Lets go year 2! Lime, gypsum, alfalfa pellets, peat moss, and a sprinkle if borax went over patch today light till to incorporated everything and begin tilling the grass under. Compost and deep till mid april. Est. 537lbs year 1 lets double that, shooting for 1074lbs, and hopefully a couple respectable large tomatoes for Greenbud.
Monday, April 19 View Page
That sunset tells me it's time to start some giant pumpkins.
Tuesday, April 20 View Page
Let's do the darn thing!
Thursday, April 29 View Page
On the struggle bus! Started with beautiful cots and I've done something to stress them. Too much sun or too close to grow light? If backups look better in 8 days I may turn to them. Hope things improve.
Sunday, May 9 View Page
Pumpkins are slow been cool and gray here and will be next few days. Thought I'd share a black pearl pepper plant these guys are cool, foliage will go nearly black once they get some decent sun should look nice amongst all the greens.
Sunday, May 16 View Page
Officially in the tomato game two in ground one in a bucket hopefully get one to scale and set a benchmark for future seasons.
Saturday, May 22 View Page
Things have picked up! 1552 young seeing daily progress now, me or the vine are a bit confused as to what it wants to do, i'll let it go a couple days and get things straightened out. Tomatoes are progressing Thank you to a great grower for reaching out with some advice, awesome community in this hobby!
Thursday, May 27 View Page
1552 Young starting to move. Just gotta avoid bad weather and bad critters. Good luck everyone!
Tuesday, June 1 View Page
Tomatoes got a dose of big bloom today, look a touch yellow to me but still excited about their progress. 1552 Young pumpkin still truckin.
Friday, June 4 View Page
1552 Young, acting a lot like last years plant giant leaves, giant stalks, secondaries standing upright. The plant is cranking and im probably pushing too hard. Going away for few days may do the plant some good. Irrigation is set up weather looks great can't wait to see her when I get home. Grow big everybody!
Saturday, June 12 View Page
Well that escalated quickly! Plant is outta control after 7 days away, lots to do. 1552 Young
Saturday, June 12 View Page
Well that escalated quickly! Plant is outta control after 7 days away, lots to do. 1552 Young
Saturday, June 12 View Page
Back view, ill clean her up tomorrow and post better pic. Female should open in 4-5days another further out which I hope to be my keeper this year.
Monday, June 14 View Page
Patch cleaned up suffered some split and kinked secondaries. Area received loads of rain while I was away so letting things dry up a bit. Things are far from perfect but that keeps it interesting. 1552 Young keeps truckin!
Monday, June 21 View Page
1552 Young this girl was selfed on 17th looks like it took. Backup will open in the morning. Tomatoes are huge plants but im getting hardly any blooms and those I get are not setting fruit ill keep trying.
Monday, June 28 View Page
6days old 1552 Young selfed, 3rd female on main vine 16ft out, bed is made time to grow! Pollinating a backup in morning but hope this is the keeper.
Monday, June 28 View Page
I just cant get secondaries into that upper right corner. Last years plant wouldn't do it either they simply self terminate, something funny over there. Growing towards shade or the black locust roots or maybe it holds water just don't know. Plant looks great though, on to growing pumpkin! 1552Young
Sunday, July 4 View Page
1552 Young dap 10 28.25in circumference. Now dap 12 and growing. Im ready to go all in on this one.
Monday, July 12 View Page
1552 Young selfed Dap20 183.5 ott gonna have some ribs, couldn't be happier with plant/pumpkin to this point. Lots of free water lately, grow big everybody!
Thursday, July 22 View Page
Dap 30 254ott 1552 Young, still clicking along, fantastic weather lately. Season is flying by suddenly, feel like we just started seeds. Grow big everybody!
Monday, July 26 View Page
Finally got one of those funny blooms, have some big singles hanging including one in a bucket. Grow big!
Sunday, August 1 View Page
Try again hope this doesn't show up a dozen times. Bucket tomato!
Sunday, August 1 View Page
Bucket tomato. 1lb10oz.
Sunday, August 1 View Page
Dap 40 sittin around 600lbs
Sunday, August 1 View Page
1552 Young selfed 40dap 600ish lbs
Sunday, August 8 View Page
2lb 10oz single 18.75in around off a 4.9 canwixom cross from greenbud makes the second 2+ pound single taken from this plant have a 6ish day old triple on this plant that im excited about. Stay tuned and grow big!
Wednesday, August 11 View Page
1552 Young day 50, 316 ott... dog days of summer and things are slowing down can only hope to keep things healthy from here on fingers crossed.
Friday, August 20 View Page
1552 Young dap 60ish 326ish ott plant and pumpkin both appear to be in better shape than this same time last year. Fingers crossed for good September weather.
Friday, August 20 View Page
Friday, August 27 View Page
Stem on my 1552 Young is trying to be trouble i removed some soft flesh rubbed it down with some alcohol and exposed it to the sun looks much better 24hrs later. Plant is beat up and over ran with grass. Pumpkin itself still looks fantastic no cracking or concerning spots as of yet.
Wednesday, September 1 View Page
1552Young dap 71ish ott 343
Thursday, September 2 View Page
Overhead of the 1552 Young
Thursday, September 2 View Page
East side
Monday, September 6 View Page
5lb 3oz from a 4.9 canwixom cross from Greenbud. Only grew for roughly 40 days before blushing/ripening. Tomatoes were more fun than I anticipated looking forward to growing them again next season. Grow big everybody!
Monday, September 6 View Page
Gallon jug for scale
Monday, September 6 View Page
Local news stopped by to see the pumpkin 2 of 3 little girls wanted to be on camera, they thought they were superstars.
Friday, September 24 View Page
1552 Young, still pretty! Missed out on some pounds, lost my main probably 30-40 days ago , lessons learned. Been a pleasure to grow. Hope to get a weight Oct. 7th
Tuesday, October 5 View Page
Wednesday, October 6 View Page
847lbs she went light, as expected, thumped kinda hollow main vine was toast 40 days ago. All in all great year two! 2022 starts now, grow big everybody!
Saturday, October 9 View Page
847 and good for 2nd place behind a monster from W.v.
Saturday, October 9 View Page
Monster from W.v. 2194
Friday, November 26 View Page
That's a wrap on year 2! Some possible Howard dills in there. 847Dalton from the 1552Young. Good growing everyone! Cya next year.


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