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Wednesday, March 3 View Page
Dosatron arrived today. Thank you Illinois club
Monday, March 15 View Page
Planting areas tilled once and tarps put on with rain in the forecast. Not used to it being this dry this early. Couldnít resist getting started.
Tuesday, March 23 View Page
Picked these up cheap at an auction today. Should be easier than dragging around pop crates or moving walking boards.
Thursday, April 8 View Page
Carry hoops to the patch got easier this year. New goal is to grow a pumpkin the new tractor canít lift.
Thursday, April 8 View Page
Amendments tilled into planting areas. Hoops on and 3/4 way covered with plastic before the rain brought work to a halt. Going to grow 2 in diamond pattern and 2 Christmas tree.
Sunday, April 25 View Page
Started 5 of these 7 today.
Sunday, May 2 View Page
Getting some sun today. Top to bottom 2139 Skonager, 1989 Daletas, 1965 Brandt, 2350 Ginger, 1756 Howell/Jolivette
Monday, May 3 View Page
Was hoping to plant today or tomorrow but Mother Nature has other ideas. So potted up and will shoot for this weekend. Everyone looking healthy so far. 1869 Greathouse, 1625 Gantner, and 1326 Young/Rhodes squash are cracking soil today.
Monday, May 10 View Page
Plants went in the ground today. 1756 H/J, 2350 Gienger, 1965 Brandt and 1869 Greathouse double planted, 1989 Daletas and 1326 Y/R squash double planted at my house. Dad planted 2139 Skonager and 1625 Gantner. Pictured is 2350 Gienger
Monday, May 24 View Page
1756 H/J. This one double vined for a minute but it straightened out pretty quick. Now to get it going the right direction.
Monday, May 24 View Page
1869 Greathouse and 1965 Brandt. The 1965 had some issues with burnt leaves on the first few but has turned around nicely.
Monday, May 24 View Page
1326.5 Young/Rhodes and 1989 Daletas. 1989 looked really rough at planting time but is turning it on lately. This one is going to be a tough decision. The 1326 is a week younger and hasnít missed a beat.
Monday, May 24 View Page
2350 Tiger King. So far this is the best plant Iíve ever had. But not like Iím a super seasoned grower. Vine is just about on the ground.
Tuesday, May 25 View Page
Amendments and tilled tonight. Soil is looking great.
Wednesday, May 26 View Page
Not a good day in my patch. Big storm rolled thru. Tossed this hoop house sideways completely taking out the 1326 young Rhodes. I guess Mother Nature made my decision for me. Just glad the 1989 was unharmed.
Wednesday, May 26 View Page
Then the 1756 split where it was double vined initially. I donít know whether to pull it or not. Iíve got a back up planted next to it but itís way farther behind. Any advice appreciated.
Wednesday, May 26 View Page
This is the underside of the split. Very kinked.
Monday, May 31 View Page
Took hoops off today. 1756 H/J still trucking along with her split main vine
Monday, May 31 View Page
1965 Brandt and 1869 Greathouse. Both growing good. Will have to cull one soon.
Monday, May 31 View Page
1989 Daletas. Best grower this week
Monday, May 31 View Page
Tiger king. Secondaries are coming out strong on this one.
Sunday, June 6 View Page
Final till and snow fence moved to the entire outside edge of the patch tonight. Had a few leaves get sunburned today. Mains arenít moving as fast as Iíd like but secondary growth is the best Iíve ever had.
Monday, June 7 View Page
Got vines buried right before storm hit this afternoon. This is the 1756, split main vine doesnít look the greatest but I pulled the backup. Female in the tip. First secondary terminated. Going with diamond pattern.
Monday, June 7 View Page
1965 Brandt. Started slow but seems to be picking up. Really good rooter. Pulled the 1869 Greathouse yesterday. Was a shame to do it too. Good looking plant.
Monday, June 7 View Page
1989 Daletas. Growing good.
Monday, June 7 View Page
2350 Tiger King. Main not growing as fast as Iíd like but secondaries are growing great.
Thursday, June 10 View Page
1989 Daletas main vine did 13.5 inches today. It and the 2350 Tiger king are really moving
Thursday, June 17 View Page
Well well well....should have enough water now
Saturday, June 19 View Page
2350 Gienger x 1965 Brandt. 14í out. Not the prettiest but hopefully she takes. Only had one male to use. Had planned on using my dads 2139 to pollinate this plant but sometimes things donít work out like you want.
Sunday, June 20 View Page
1989.5 Daletas x 1965 Brandt. 15í out on main.
Wednesday, June 23 View Page
1965 Brandt x self. Was 45 degrees when I left for work this morning at 5:45 so fiancť pollinated it around 8:30. Probably went awkwardly. It was her first time doing the pumpkin deed lol
Friday, June 25 View Page
Beautiful 6 lober this morning about 18í on 2350 Gienger. Pollinated with 2593 Paton. Thanks for the males Ben McMillin.
Tuesday, June 29 View Page
1756 Howell/Jolivette x1625.5 Gantner 18 feet on the main. Plant has been taking a beating in the heat the last few days. Split on the main near stump has healed over great.
Tuesday, June 29 View Page
Split in 1756 main
Sunday, July 4 View Page
2350 Gienger x 2593 Paton. Looking great and growing at an incredibly faster rate than my others. Dap 9 here
Monday, July 5 View Page
July 5th. Patch filling in nicely
Friday, July 16 View Page
Dug holes about ten feet behind my stumps. Have pumped thousands of gallons out. 2-3 more inches coming tonight and tomorrow then weíre in the clear.
Saturday, July 17 View Page
Finally cut the stump off my 1756. It was starting to rot pretty good. All the vines fried in the heat a couple weeks ago so sheís just growin a couple county fair pumpkins on secondaries at this point.
Tuesday, July 20 View Page
This place needs some memes
Tuesday, July 20 View Page
Let me know if you enjoy these
Thursday, July 22 View Page
1965 Brandt x 1625 Gantner. Dap 20. 183 pounds.
Thursday, July 22 View Page
1989.5 Daletas x 1965 Brandt. Dap 20. 123 pounds.
Thursday, July 22 View Page
2350 Gienger x 2593 Paton. Dap 20. 251 pounds
Friday, August 6 View Page
My dad Rickís 2139 Skonager Dap 40. North of 750 pounds
Sunday, August 15 View Page
Compost pile got a lot bigger today
Monday, August 23 View Page
Dadís 1625 Gantner took first place at the county fair at 882 pounds. 16% heavy.
Monday, September 20 View Page
Dad lost his 2139 Skonager to a blossom end split last week. Weighed today at 1417. 9% heavy. Pollinated with my 2350 Gienger.
Monday, September 20 View Page
Monday, September 20 View Page
Other side
Monday, September 20 View Page
Blossom end


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