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Friday, January 1 View Page
Happy New Year!
Friday, January 1 View Page
Sure, moar fireworks will help 2021! lol
Friday, January 1 View Page
Happy 2021, Everyone!
Friday, January 1 View Page
Happy New Year, Gritty-Above-Ground-Kins! Ya made it!
Friday, January 1 View Page
/waves at Iowegian!!!
Friday, January 1 View Page
Hope you're having fun on New Years too, Hayden and Big Moon!
Friday, January 1 View Page
As Brett kicks the kids off the Xbox, and Jim too, lol!
Saturday, January 2 View Page
Oh no, not ZombieFest! 2021 learned quickly.
Thursday, January 7 View Page
Brain Bleach Fest!!!!! Here, have some more!!! lol
Friday, January 8 View Page
Looks like Gritty Kins and Henry tied for the most Diary entries for last year! Henry has the most photos, so I guess he wins again? Congrats!!! Woot!!!! Super-exciting stuff on another Covid-Avoiding Friday Night, lol! Party on Friends!!!!
Tuesday, January 12 View Page
Looking forward to the BHGPG Seed Auction!
Friday, January 15 View Page
Yay! Sure is great to be back online after some 70 mph winds came through and deposited the neighborhood internet connection into someone's front yard (not mine, thankfully!) I didn't realize how much time I actually spend on the Internet, yikes! It's really great to be back! Looks like I mostly missed rural billboard ads, urban trashings, logs impersonating burned weiners (ouch!), shy piles of fertilizers, a Zoom seminar announcement, big thanks for the fun at the BHGPG seed raffle, and further review of high school Civics. It's content like this that I have grown to depend on as a distraction from all the other stuff I'm trying to distract myself from. Thanks, bp! It's totally boring without you!!!!!
Friday, January 15 View Page
OK, where was I? /shrugs
Wednesday, February 3 View Page
In this case, the trophy is the real prize, Orange You Glad! The stars make it cool! lol


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