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Friday, January 22 View Page
I can only grow one plant again so I have to give it my best shot which means proven seeds are a must - and with 6 progeny coming in at over 2000lbs you can't get much better than the 1911 Urena, arguably the best seed on planet earth.
Saturday, February 27 View Page
If there was a prize for green manure I might have been in with a chance! This rye and mustard mix will be chopped down and dug in later this week.
Tuesday, March 2 View Page
The season starts now! This lot will go in this week.
Friday, March 5 View Page
We gave the chickens a treat today although despite their huge appetites this was too much even for them
Saturday, March 6 View Page
Part of the plot strimmed, dug over and covered with Canna Terra Pro. The fumigant properties of mustard are highly volatile, so I'm doing this process in stages so everything gets covered asap. In a few weeks I'll add some extras and dig the whole lot in again.
Monday, March 22 View Page
A layer of organics, humic, kelp & microbiologicals
Monday, March 22 View Page
A layer of coarse perlite on top
Monday, March 22 View Page
Everything tilled in, water to follow.
Wednesday, March 24 View Page
Watering done, now for a layer of macrobiologicals
Wednesday, March 24 View Page
All covered and left to settle in.
Saturday, April 3 View Page
Last year there were problems with even water coverage probably/possibly because of the low pressure associated with the gravity-fed drip system. I want the irrigation system and soil to be as level a possible now to try and even things out, so I'm putting in some wooden borders a bit like a raised bed. This will help me keep things as level as possible and will also help with access around the outside of the plant, which has always been a problem indoors. It does mean the growing area will be slightly smaller so I hope the trade off works.
Saturday, April 10 View Page
Big day today! We have 4 seeds filed and soaking for a few hours in bacterial inoculant at 28C pH 6.2, eventually just two will be chosen from 2136 Brandt, 1949 Paton, 1911 Urena and 2416.5 Haist.
Saturday, April 10 View Page
Plump seeds placed between cotton pads made damp with the hydration fluid before being inserted into ziplock bags. Placed on heat mat at 28C.
Monday, April 12 View Page
It took 48 hours rather than the 24 hours it did last year but with 100% germination from all 4 seeds I'm not complaining. One thing to note is not to use cotton pads next time, they're great in theory, but the cotton fibres are stronger than paper tissue fibres and the radical of one of the seedlings got rather tangled up, though it should be ok now.
Monday, April 12 View Page
Into the propagator at room temp using airpots with Canna Seed Compost with some extra perlite & Hollands' myco. Dechlorinated water pH 6.2 with the same bacterial inoculant as before.


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