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Wednesday, January 13 View Page
All in this year, my goals are a green jacket to go with new personal best. Should be less distractions this year. Already added 10 yards of compost in the fall it's been sitting on top of my mustard crop.
Wednesday, March 3 View Page
Test plants look good, these came from my 826.5
Wednesday, March 3 View Page
Picture for above entry
Friday, March 5 View Page
Soil test sent out today
Friday, March 5 View Page
Soil test sent out today
Thursday, March 11 View Page
Soil is not even in the ball park of where it needs to be, but I will work on it till it is. 4000+ pounds this year on 3 fruit is my goal.
Saturday, March 13 View Page
15 bags of perlite, I worked it out with a local nursery to purchase at cost.
Monday, March 22 View Page
Just finish watching the California pumpkin growers webinar. Wow! Well worth the $20 may have not only helped me this year but cut my learning curve for the next 5 years. Thank you to all that made the zoom webinar possibly and available.
Tuesday, March 23 View Page
I added peat moss, 15 bags of perlite, 40 pounds of lime, 300 pounds of gypsum and tilled it in. I'll added 1/2 the amendments from my soil test just before planting time localized to half the patch around the plants. And the other half as the the plant grows. I ran out of gas on my tractor so the till was good but will need to be hit again once amendments are added.
Friday, April 2 View Page
Started my backup and early plants. My 817 Bayuk and 826.5 Bayuk
Monday, April 5 View Page
My 826.5 Bayuk from last year has popped its root and is in a one gallon pot. Should be up in two to three days.
Tuesday, April 6 View Page
Last till of alfalfa meal, kelp meal and gypsum.
Tuesday, April 6 View Page
Last till of alfalfa meal, kelp meal and gypsum
Tuesday, April 6 View Page
Final lineup is set and fuses have been lit, Tiger king 2350 1858 schmit- I grew this seed last year and it when 20% heavy for me. 1711.5 faulk
Thursday, April 8 View Page
We got roots!


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