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Wednesday, March 10 View Page
Ready! 3 plants in 2021. This year I start to prepare before, the objective is to do some good watering in March, to try to eliminate as much grass as possible before putting in the plants in april. I have good seeds, 2552, 2183, 2145, 2593, 2469, 2081, and more for pollinators, noel, stels, meier ... Only the strongest plants will go to the greenhouse, the rest will be given to farmers in my town.
Wednesday, March 10 View Page
This year I have improved the filters, I want to have a perfect nebulization, so as not to stain the leaves with dust or dirt, or pathogens ... I have placed 4 filters, and also an ultraviolet light filter. we will see if it works well.
Wednesday, March 10 View Page
drip irrigation also has 4 good filters, I do not want to plug the drippers this year with algae, and humics ... and there will be 3 irrigation sectors, old area, center and new area. With good humidity sensors in each area. I think it is the year that I have made the best preparation, but the temperature forecasts for April They are not good at all, we will be quite cold in Spain.
Thursday, April 1 View Page
Mendi- Canna 2021! cammon
Thursday, April 8 View Page
I have 3 holes, with 12 plants. 6 x 2552 and 6x2183. The 2183 grow very well!! I think its posible grow one 2183 and 2x 2552 but i only will grow the more strongs. The polinizators are in the big pots. This plant is tts the 2552 “Anabelica”. the seed It was cracked, and when it germinated, it broke the small root .. but was able to recover. and now it is one of my best plants.
Thursday, April 8 View Page
My best 2183 this year. i Seddling the 20 march, born the 23, and the 28 March I planted it In the soil, now the plant have 11 days in the soil. we are being very cold in Spain, I hope when we have good temperatures start to fly.
Monday, April 12 View Page
very cold in Spain, and many days without sun. It is the worst month of April in many years, we are struggling with them, but it is not the beginning that I would have liked to have. Of 11 plants, my favorites for the moment 2 x 2552 and a 1x2183 but it is still early, we will see how the main guides come out to decide. They can be 3 x 2552 or 2 x 2183 and a 2552, everything can change next week. Only the best ones will remain, and new seeds in pots in case they have to start over, if the plants do not respond well to these temperatures and to the little light we have.


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