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Sunday, January 3 View Page
Ok Chris brown 1 week in the bag.spoon feeding the goodies.Its a new year 2020 was a DUD for sure.Lost my Mother 5 days before Christmas.Lost my brother in law(cancer) 1 week before that.Had a good child hood friend shoot (Suicide)himself last spring 1 week into the pandemic.(Alcoholism)Lost my sweet neighbor of 28 years Ginny to cancer last Feb,Contracted Covid 1 week after Thanksgiving.It can only get better in 2020. I have to focus on living not dying.Its hard to do some days.Will put my best foot forward in 2021.Hope to grow a 2500 lber thats the plan man. Freezer kept 1911s I still think it will grow another 2500 plus.Green Pepper plant must look boring to most.I think its good therapy to care & nurture of living thing.Keep my eye on the prize! Thank byou God for another day with my finger in the dirt.
Sunday, January 17 View Page
30 days in the bag. Chris Brown offered away to fight CABIN FEVER! Even though its a very mild winter.Thank you Chris I'm in the race so far.Growing in 2 year old Dairy Do & last of Marks Mixes along with some Secret goodies in my nutrient stash.I will make a video today on How to grow in Hot climates.Keep it a Secret Home & Garden on You Tube.No more social Media for me deleted Facebook just Instagram for know. Will Keep my eye on the prize,Christ Jesus & blend into the Garden & fishing hole with Jack & Graham.Graham is a happy 1 year old with a good sense of humor.Cant wait to get both of them in the boat.My only regret I was duped into voting.Christ never had a political opinion or pointed to man as a solution for anything.I will most likely never vote again.I'm good with that.No need to Its a rigged game of corruption. Keeping it real BUBBA Jackson LOL Good DAY!
Friday, January 29 View Page
Learning a lot about Green Peppers Looks like first fruit appears 5-6 weeks broke soil December 17th
Friday, January 29 View Page
Testing Photo editor
Friday, January 29 View Page
The Biggest trick in growing in Dairy Do & other potting mixes is not over watering.This plant has been over watered the past month.Over 4 gallons of water dumped in bag to ensure roots were not hitting dry soil.Hind sight is 20/20. Will back off now & let it go a little drier.I will grow this 10 gallon grow bag on the deck this summer & bring back in next winter.Like a tree it will keep producing I'm told for several years.You learn something new every year.Join us to learn about Shade Clothe & Hoop house screens.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9sZ3uur8-8&t=155s Part 1 is linked up in the description of video. Leave a comment & share video & you could win a 1911 Urena & more Brandt/Bubba seeds April 1st Seed Giveaway
Sunday, January 31 View Page
Check out what I found never before seen footage of the current world record https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsNSsDQTrWU&t=1s from the Bubba Video vault 2013
Saturday, February 6 View Page
My New Pandemic Grow room will be starting my 5.46 2020 Michigan State champion Tomato In grow bag next to Green Pepper plant.I will be starting vegetables for the dinner table in the white trays.Please joins for Fun in the TUB gardening. Ask Bubba a Growing Question & Share & you could win a 1911 Urena & More April 1st https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKXk7aL-fRk&t=60s Check out my new playlist Pandemic Gardening also How to make C02 with kitchen sundries https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wSwLs2r31Q&t=2s
Saturday, February 6 View Page
If you look closely you will find the 5.46 lb Clementz seeds floating in the water bottle.When they pop a root I will place them in the 10 gallon grow bag.Domingos for eating I will grow a few on the plant & see how they grow indoors.Then in May grab the handles & place it outside.
Saturday, February 6 View Page
Rub A DUB DUB ! BUBBA be growing in the TUB Ma Ma Bubba loves it ! LOL I have these Boxes for a few years my sister gave them to me Garage sale score I will waterproof the in sides & drill holes for drainage. Repurpose is the best way to recycle.
Tuesday, February 9 View Page
Well I decided to grow a Green Pepper under my adjustable light set at 500 watts super spectrum 1000 watt bulb.to save a few bucks.Well the plants doing good at 7 weeks old.Well I decided I came this far I might as well keep growing.So I started some carrots.
Tuesday, February 9 View Page
Well Then I figured I came this far I might as well keep Growing so i started some Lettuce
Tuesday, February 9 View Page
Then I figured I came this far I might as well keep Growing so i started some Beets
Tuesday, February 9 View Page
I just kept Growing & Growing Growing Thats all I got to say about that Im growing my videos on Youtube over 500 now with nearly 28,000 subscribers Checkout my New Playlists -Greenhouse Buliding- Pandemic Gardening & Giant Pumpkins-Giant Watermelons- TA-MA-TOES & more I will be adding more each week https://www.youtube.com/c/WorldWideGiantGrowers/playlists Please join us
Saturday, February 13 View Page
If I had known what Steve Daletas taught us at the Michigan seminar the next year.I might have grown a 2200-2300 lb kin.This video I have not shared with the general public till now explains what happens if you water your plant the same all season.I only gained 150 lbs-200 my last month on the 2043.5 .Thats only 5-7 lbs a day.Hind sight is 20/20 I hope to get one more shot with a good year of sunshine to try the taper the water off on the old half of the plant Daletas theory.This video shows the 2043 on Sept 20th 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9tm-cbrQBY You stop learning when your dead.A good September is 400 lbs.getting to the level is learning from others. Please join us https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9tm-cbrQBY
Sunday, February 14 View Page
Hey Chris Brown Its a MONSTER! LOL
Monday, February 15 View Page
18 hours later I see some growth Cant get a OTT number yet LOL Fingers crossed no aborts
Saturday, February 20 View Page
My 5.46 Domingos took 1 week to pop a root.I will have some plants to spare as I have about several 3 are in pots now Early start.I will also start some in April/May
Saturday, February 20 View Page
We might have a contender Chris Brown.Fingers crossed calcium in hand growing in DAIRYDO
Wednesday, March 17 View Page
The Bubba Tub is Rocking My mater plants will be grown mostly for eating.5.46 Domingo beefsteaks Michigan State Champion 2020 season.Ya gotta TOOT your own horn,nobody else will.Dan Fleser grew The State Champion Squash this year 1,025 lbs.We are meeting at the VFW Hall in Holly on Airport street.48442 To get are "Awards" this Saturday.If you are coming & would like a plant I will have a few with me.Dont live in Fear Please join us.I lost mu uncle & my mother this past winter.Its all good We live for God not Man he has a plan & we will join him in Paradise.Please don't live in Fear.Its waste of time.Exciting times watching it unfold.
Wednesday, March 17 View Page
The red one is the 9.65 Marley I know its way to early to start competitive plants however I will start new plants in May for competition.I will experiment with these older plants outside this summer just for learning new things.Ya never know what you might discover.Building a new Kin Cave with Pallets this spring on YouTube. 2x4s are $7 a piece I will save 100$ using pallets Stay tuned for future DIY Footage https://www.youtube.com/c/WorldWideGiantGrowers/videos
Sunday, March 21 View Page
5 Time State Champion TA-MA- TOES "I'm a legend in my own mind" LOL Now Off to test my soil for the new Pumpkin Patch! 3000 lbs OR BUST! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeLTYdjaj24&t=148s Join us for fun this Summer
Friday, April 9 View Page
This was my first Kin cave back in 2010.Ive learned a lot since then.I want to thank everyone who has helped me grow all my Giants.Chris Kent,Todd Dawson,Bill Edwards,Marvin Mitchell,Todd Kline,Chris Lyons,Josiah Brandt,The Martins,Dan Fleser,Ron & Pap Wallace,John Harnica,Birdman & Bride Russ Pugh Dale Marshall Patrick White,Joe Ailts Ken on BP(Desouri)the list goes on & on.To long to post you all.Patrick White & more I hit a milestone today 30,000 Subscribers on YouTube,Thank you VERY MULCH!https://www.youtube.com/c/WorldWideGiantGrowers/videos
Friday, April 9 View Page
I most likely spelled Kens name Wrong but yall all know who I mean.Actully this was my not my first Kin Cave I built that in 2002 & 2003 but took the next 7 years off from growing with a bad rotator cup that healed itself,no surgery.It was a long process though healing.Cant spell but Im healed once again(knee) Building two greenhouses this spring growing the 1911 Urena & my 2043 lb -2017 Michigan State record.So please join me on the channel https://www.youtube.com/c/WorldWideGiantGrowers/videos
Friday, April 9 View Page
Special Thanks to Chris Kent for giving me this watermelon.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QixInBzmBVo Im starting my Kin Caves next week It will be built from wooden pallets as 2x4s are now for rich people 7$ a piece.I bought the hoops at Home De POT they are 5$ a piece(10 footer)doubled since 2013.Will be growing on the 300 acre farm Where I broke my arm in 1975 & spent 18 days in traction.Never swing on a rope from a hay loft that your buddy tells you isnt as old as it looks.True story I will share along with building the house this spring.How to build a Kin Cave on a Budget https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QixInBzmBVo


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