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Sunday, February 28 View Page
Well, after a year off the time has come!!! Most close to me know but for those that donít, last year I midway through the season I was laid on my back for 2 months with pneumonia. In and out of the hospital and by far was the sickest I have ever been. So July and august I didnít go to the patch once. I was either in bed or in the hospital. Once better sometime in September a couple local growers came to help me try to salvage my season and they did an amazing job!! Thanks guys and you know who you are!!! It was an absolute jungle in the greenhouse and they spent hours cleaning up things and making the plants look halfway decent!!! All that happen while I was gone for those 2 months was water on a timer and thatís it. We still ended up with one at 1483 and the other 1109,,, the 1109 had stem rot in July so I knew it wouldnít do much. After fully recovering I decided to take 2020 off and just grow mustard after mustard crop. I did 2 crops that touched the top of the greenhouse, cut down, tilled in, watered heavy then followed that crop with another mustard crop the same size. Honestly, taking a year off was really nice!:):) Well, itís now 2021 and Iím ready for the madness again! This crop will get tilled in soon then itís planting time!!! I canít wait, weíll be finishing the documentary this year and I just canít wait to get into the dirt again!!!! Thanks for the calls, emails and text while I was down!! 2021 here we come!!!
Sunday, February 28 View Page
Just a beautiful crop and Iím use to yellow spots throughout my cover crop and thanks to Rons mustard Iím pretty sure we knocked back the disease fairly well!! Iíll do a soil pathogens test soon. So glad to be back and Iíve been watching everyone and the great years they had!! Jim Fredricksís and his 1705 at our local weigh off blew my mind!! Congratulations my friend, thatís a huge accomplishment down here on the Mexican border!!!! 2021 here we come!!!!
Sunday, March 21 View Page
Getting closer and closer! 2021 here we come! Today was a day to till the last cover crop in of the 3 grown while taking the year off.
Sunday, March 21 View Page
3rd and by far the smallest of the mustard crops Iíve grown while resting. This stuff is super easy to cut and turn under when itís small! Cut and tilled like butter!
Sunday, March 21 View Page
Chopped it up in less then an hour and spent another hour doing the edges by hand. You donít want to risk hitting the greenhouse with the weed wacker! Soil seems to be the best itíd ever been but Iíve thought that before! That fusarium and other diseases lurk deep in the darkness and just wait for that water and summer heat to come!!
Sunday, March 21 View Page
Done! Everything hurts, back, knees, shoulders, head, you name it but things got finished today so ready for the next phase!;)
Sunday, March 21 View Page
Thanks to the man everyone should try to be like in this hobby! Always willing to help and never holds back! A true leader of the pack and not a jealous bone in his body! Iíll try and do you proud big man! With what Iím up against disease wise weíll need a lot of God watching over this patch! Iím fired up and thatís a good thing!!!


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